How to turn off the music system of a PS4 ?.


Sold over 92 million copies, the PlayStation 4 of Sony is the biggest commercial success of its generation. It is a fact, this console has all the assets to please and convince the gamers. In addition to being powerful, it offers a user experience that’s simple and has a catalogue of huge of high quality games.

On the other hand, even if the PS4 can boast of such results, it is not perfect, however. We need background music for example, the latter is played in a loop when one is in the waiting for a download. Even if at the beginning it is quite distracting, after an hour it tends to become very irritating.

Fortunately, there is a way to turn off the music system of your PS4. It is so simple to make that you will eventually ask you why you do it, you’re not hitched earlier.

Turn off the music system of your PS4.

To disable the background music from your PS4, there is nothing more childish :

Turn on your PS4.
On your controller, press the up arrow to go to Settings .
See you in Sound and screen.
Uncheck the box next to the Music system to turn off this last.

That is the work ! Now, you no longer have to listen to this music which has so much irritated the ears.