How to turn any song into a ringtone iPhone ?.


There are several ways to put music into a ringtone. We explain how to do it, step-by-step, in this tutorial (made from a Mac).

After that, if you want, you can assign a different song to each of your contacts. You will not have to take out your phone out of your pocket to see who’s calling. If you are interested, we will also explain how to take you there.

1. Edit and convert your music .


To start the customization, the first thing to do is to select a song on iTunes. Then, here are the steps to follow :

Right-click on it.
Go to Information on the song and click on the Options tab.
Check the Start and End fields .
Define what point of the song you want to use as ringtone.
Click Ok


Then, go to File → Convert → Create AAC version. This way, iTunes will duplicate the track, in just 10 seconds.

2. Rename the extension converted .


To rename the extension of your music file in your iTunes right click on it and choose Show in Finder.

You will have to convert this file to use as a ringtone. To do this, click on its name, then change the extension by replacing .m4a by .m4r.

3. Copy the ringtone on your iPhone .


To transfer music on your iPhone, you will need to use iTunes, connect your iPhone to your Mac and then click on the icon of the iPhone in the menu on the left.

In iTunes 12.4 (and later versions) click on Music → Edit Menu and select the tag Alarms.

Finally, drag the file .m4r in the Finder window to iTunes.

4. Sync the ringtone to your iPhone .


To sync your iOS using iTunes, connect your iPhone to your computer and click on the small icon of the phone. The control panel iTunes your phone will then appear, click Alarms in the left column.

Then, go on Synch. the Alarms, select the Alarms you selected and the track you just created. Finally, click on Apply.

5. Set your new ringtone .


Now that the music is on your phone, go into settings, go to Sound and vibration then Ring. It only remains to select the one created.

6. Customize the ringtone for your contacts .


It is easy (and convenient) to assign different ringtones to your contacts. To do this :

On your iPhone go to the Contacts app.
Select your contact.
Press Edit.
Go to the option to Add a ringtone, and choose a new one.