How to turn an iPhone on Wi-Fi ?.


Have you ever had the desire to share the Wi-Fi connection of your iPhone with an iPad or Mac nearby ?

Let’s say you do stay professional with your iPhone and MacBook in your luggage.

You have two options : either work on your MacBook and do not have access to the internet, or have access to, but work on the small screen of your iPhone.

If none of these two options you like, then choose the third : to use the Wi-Fi of your iPhone to work on your computer or tablet.

Before anything else, it is recommended to check with your carrier or refer to the terms and conditions of your contract to know what you “might”.

Indeed, some mobile operators might advise against sharing your connection and may even make you pay a complement, or simply cut off your access, if they discover the pot to the roses.

Also, be careful not to exceed your mobile internet plan.
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Create a Wifi terminal with his iPhone.

Make your iPhone a terminal is equivalent to transform it into a mobile router.

The iPhone will connect to the internet using their 3 or 4G network, and then transmit it, via the Wi-Fi connection to your Mac or any other device surrounding that can connect to it.

Here’s how (iOS 10) :

Go to Settings, select cellular Data.

Appointments in connection Sharing, enable.

Select and activate your Wi-Fi network staff in the list (if multiple networks are detected by your device).

Select Password Wi-Fi and enter a password. It is unrelated to your Apple Id or Wi-Fi as usual, and especially make sure it is not too simple.

Now, tap on tethering to enable it. iOs will ask you if you want to Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or USB only.

We do not recommend the connection via USB, it is certainly more secure, but would be too limited..

To connect your Mac to the network of your iPhone :

Click on the symbol Wi-Fi at the top right of the screen.

In the list, under connection Sharing, select the shared network.

Enter the same password as in step 3, and then click Join..

If you do not see the symbol Wi-Fi, open System Preferences.., click Network.

Select Wi-Fi in the list on the left. Then, in the field Network Name, choose your network share in the list.

Finally, check the box to Display the Wi-Fi status in the menu bar, the symbol will now appear at the top of your screen.

You are now ready to surf the internet, with a larger screen via the internet connection of your iPhone. Note that it is normal that your connection is slightly slower.

To stop sharing your data connection from your iPhone, go to Settings → cellular Data → connection Sharingand disable the firewall.


What happens if someone tries to hack your connection ?

Do not worry because you have secured by a password, the internet connection of your iPhone (see step 4). In addition, you will be notified by a small notification, which will appear at the top of the screen of your iPhone, when a device tries to connect to your Wi-Fi.

Another tip is to concern to your data quota included in your plan. You very quickly forget that our internet access is limited, so please avoid downloading applications that consume large amounts of data, for example.