How to take 360° photographs with an iPhone ?.


Take pictures in panorama is a good way to highlight of beautiful places visited, or even events. Such a technique allows you to have an overall view of the captured moments, but also to relive them as if you were there again.

The mode of capture 360-degree is democratized when the giant Facebook has made one of its standout features, and since it is all the rage among users.

In this article, we explain to you what is a photo at 360°, and how do I take it from your iPhone.

What is a photo 360 degrees ?.

For the past few years, the world of photography has developed into offering devices more efficient. That we are speaking of smartphone cameras, the new lenses now have a lot more to offer and are much more intuitive.

For example, you can take pictures at 360°. These shots are immersive is captured from one point to another to obtain an angle of view very wide. Then, it is possible to browse the whole picture in real time, either using the gyroscope built into your smartphone, either by swiping your finger directly on the image.

Due to the success of Virtual Reality, Facebook was the first social network to make possible the sharing of photos and videos in the format of 360°.

Take a photo at 360° with the Camera app of your iPhone.

Although the results are not as impressive as with a camera 360° worthy of the name, the iOS users can take pictures decent by using the Pano app native Camera.

Thanks to this, when you post your panoramic photos on Facebook, they will directly change to the format 360 degrees. To differentiate images standards, they have an icon spherical located in the bottom-right corner.

Once your photo panorama taken, go to your account Facebook, browse your photo library to find your panorama, select it and follow the on-screen instructions. If this does not work, then try again.

Take a photo at 360° with a camera Insta360 Nano.

For shots up to 360 degrees of better quality with an iPhone, it would be ideal to invest in the right equipment, like the camera Insta360. This is an excellent option to experiment with the format 360° for the first time or to create content for VR.

The Insta360 Nano features a compact camera in HD 4K resolution at 360°, as well as two lenses fish-eye.

Its use is very simple, install the Nano to your iPhone via the port of Lightning, launch the free app Insta360 and then take your picture from it. Make sure you hold your smartphone as immobile as possible to obtain quality results.

To view your saved photos, get a live preview or change the settings, you just have to connect your iOS. You can also customize shortcuts and use other capture modes via the Settings of the application.

To send your images on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, you can just tap on the Share icon at the top of the screen, or export the panorama format directly on your phone.

On Facebook, tap the option for photo/video and select your image from the photo library. As explained above, if this last has a circle icon, then it means that it is well compatible 360°.