How to sync his Google calendar and Outlook ?.


Use only one calendar.

Before you start the synchronization of your calendars, it’s good to ask if having multiple is really useful.

Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar both offer to display multiple calendars within their calendars. You can create one specifically for work, one for your personal life, one for your activities.. and display them simultaneously or not. When you add a new event, you simply need to choose which calendar you add.

If you use the Outlook application on your computer so we advise you to switch to its online version Not only you will be able to access your emails from any PC, but you can also use a calendar more versatile.

If you want to keep only one calendar, then export the information from your Google calendar on Outlook. The reverse is, alas, possible.

Export a Google calendar to Outlook.

To export appointments, schedules, activities, events from your Google calendar to Outlook, follow the steps described below.

Open your Google calendar.
Click on the icon of the cog wheel, then on the Settings option in the drop-down menu that appears.
In the left-hand menu, click Import and export

In the new window that opens, under the Export section, click the Export option.

A Zip file is created and downloaded to your PC. It will be automatically placed in the Downloads folder. You will need to extract the files.

Now, go to your Outlook account.

In the bottom left of your page, is the Calendar option, click on it.
Select Import calendar.
In the window that opens, click on from file.

Click Browse and select the file or files you extracted earlier.
Once this is done, confirm with Import.


Synchronize Outlook calendars and Google via Android.

Be aware that it is possible to synchronize your Outlook calendars and Gmail from your smartphone or tablet.

In fact, all Google services are normally already installed on your Android, if this is not the case, then go in Play Store and download Google Calendar. Then, do the same with the app. free Microsoft Outlook.

Enter your address Outlook, press Continue, and then enter your password to complete your connection.

You are asked if you want to add an account, enter the one of Google. Finally, allow Microsoft access to your gmail account.

Now, allow Outlook to access your Google account. Authorize.

Now your calendars are synchronized. The appointment that you will notice in your Outlook calendar will appear on Google, and vice versa.

View multiple Outlook calendars and Google on iPhone and iPad.

The Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad allows you to view your Outlook calendars and Gmail in the same place.

Go to your Settings → passwords and accounts → Add an account. Enter your username and password and follow the instructions that appear.

Use invitations.

If you do not want to sync your calendars then you can just simply send you invitations when you create events.

Enter an event in your Outlook, be sure to share with you-even by sending a mail on your Gmail and vice versa !


If you don’t want to use the detours as described above, then download an app that will automatically synchronize your Google calendars and Outlook.

Thanks to SyncGene, sync your contacts, calendars and tasks stored on your various accounts (Google, Outlook, etc.) on any device. Otherwise, you have the apps Scand Outlook4Gmail and Syn2.