How to sync Google Calendar on an iPhone ?.


Google Calendar is a great way to organize your life, share appointments and important dates with your family or your colleagues.

If you want events from your Google Calendar to be shown on your iPhone in the Calendar app of Apple, then you will need to configure the sync option on your Google account.

In this article, we show you how to use Google Calendar on your iPhone.

Use the Google Calendar app.

In addition to having a colorful design more attractive and more detailed than the classic version of Apple, Google, Calendar works, among others, with iCloud and Microsoft Exchange.

Apart from, pleasant to use, Google Calendar does not have the same levels of access as the Apple version.

Synchronize Google Calendar with Calendar Apple .

To synchronize and share your appointments in Google Calendar on the Calendar as Apple, then there are a few quick steps, but necessary, to follow.

On your iPhone, go to Settings → select the section passwords and accounts. Rendez-vous in Add accountGoogle → enter the details of your Gmail account.

Now, you should see a list of Google services that can be synchronized (Emails, Contacts, Notes and Calendar). Then make sure that Calendar is enabled and tap Savein the top right corner.

Once this is done, make sure that the option Google Calendar is also enabled in the Calendar app of Apple. To do this, open the Calendar Apple → press the option Calendriersen the bottom of the screen.

You now have access to your different calendars, address book sync and all of your scheduled events.

To assign a color to each calendar, press the icon “i” located to the right of your Gmail account.