How to switch from Android to iOS ?.


If you have an Android smartphone and you want to exchange it for an iPhone, you are probably wondering if it is possible to transfer your personal data (contacts, apps, pictures..) from one to the other. The answer is yes, and moreover it is rather simple.

Migrate to iOS.

Apple knows how to seduce new users. In order to facilitate the transition from Android to iOS, the brand has developed to Migrate to iOS.

This application allows you to wirelessly transfer : your contacts, your message history, photos, and videos, your calendars and your mail accounts, your ebooks and your music.

She also gives advice about your application and suggest you download their iOS versions, by putting in your recommendations in the App Store.

Once the transfer is complete, Migrate to iOS encourages you to recycle your Android (some see in it a conspiracy of Apple to ensure that its users do not recycle their old smartphone, other simply think it is for the brand to show that they are “green” at a lower cost).

Use Google .

If you use your Android with Google accounts (Gmail, Drive, Agenda, etc.), it will be easy to transfer your data from one laptop to another.

On your Android, go to your Settings → Accounts → Google and allow the synchronization of all your apps.

Then, on your iPhone, connect apps Mail, Contacts, Calendars to your Google account and enable syncing.

You should now find all your Google data on your iPhone.

SIM card.

If your Android and your iPhone use the same size SIM card, you can use that to transfer your contacts from one to the other.

If your SIM is too large, and you feel lucky, you can risk to cut the plastic that surrounds the chip. Attention, if you are skidding, you will lose your contacts permanently.

Before the exchange of SIM, make sure that you have backed up your contacts on it.

Insert the SIM in your iPhone and go to Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendar and tap Import.

Transfer apps from Android to iOS .

Bad news : it is not possible to transfer on his iPhone of the applications that have been purchased through Google Play. You must redeem it on the App Store.

Good news : the App Store is very well supplied and there you will find the majority of apps available on Android.

To purchase applications, you need to first you create an Apple ID account. Don’t forget that there are many free alternatives for most applications, do your research before you go to checkout !

Transfer photos and videos.

There are several ways to transfer your photos and videos from your Android to your iPhone.

You can, for example, use a data transfer application, such as Copy My Data or PhotoSync. Install the application on your Android and on your iPhone and let it guide you.

The other technique is to use your computer and iTunes.

First, transfer photos from your Android to your computer. To do this, connect your phone to your computer, select the photos you want to transfer and import them into a folder (you can call it “Photos to be transferred”).

Then, sync it to your iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Here, click on the icon of your iPhone, and then click Photos. Select “Sync photos” and choose the folder where you have saved your photos.

This process also works for music.

Transfer the music.

As for the photos, you can transfer your music from your Android to your iPhone using iTunes.

First, import the music from your Android on your computer. To do this, connect your phone to your computer, select the songs you want to transfer and save them in a folder (you can call it “music to transfer”).

Open iTunes and drag and drop the contents of this folder.

Finally, sync iTunes to your iPhone. You can choose to sync your entire library or just a few pieces.

How to transfer your data from an iPhone to an Android.

You want to switch from your iPhone to your Android ? Follow the guide !


On your iPhone, go to Contacts and select those that you want to back up. Drag your finger to the bottom and select the option to Send this file then Send it by e-mail. Send the email to your personal mailbox, open the message on your Android and download the contacts.

Music, photos and videos.

If this is not done yet, save the music from your iPhone to your computer. It is sometimes necessary to use an application like TrustCopy to do so. Once the music is on your computer, connect your Android. It only remains for you to drag and drop music files on it (as if it was a USB key). Use the same process for your pictures and videos.