How to stop the automatic backup in Google Photos ?.


Whether you use Android or iOS, there are many ways to back up photos taken with your phone or tablet.

Microsoft, Dropbox and Google offer, for example, automatically copy your photos to a Cloud, so that they are accessible from any of your devices.

Google Photos is a very good application, but it may be that you don’t want your whole library is automatically backed up on Google servers.

To stop the auto sync of Google Photos.

Good news, turn off the auto-backup in Google Photos is simple.

– First of all, open the Google application Photos from your smartphone or your tablet.

– Tap the Menu icon (the three horizontal lines to the left of the search bar), and then click Settings (the gear wheel).

– Press Back up and sync then slide the latch blue to the left to deactivate the service.

Google Photos and your mobile internet plan .

If you have the problem of Google Photos is that the application uses all of your data, be aware that you can allow only sync via Wifi.

To do this, in the same section Back up and sync, just drag it to the left the latch in blue next to ” roaming “.

Google Photos and size of the files .

You want to use Google Photos, but you don’t have enough room to store your photos ?

Change the format of your import Size original High quality and you will get unlimited storage.