How to start a conversation FaceTime number ?.


Under iOS 12.1, it is possible to make video calls with up to 31 people at the same time .

Group FaceTime is one of the new features in iOS 12.1, launched on 30 October 2018. For the use all participants must have an Apple device recent running iOS 12.1.

On the other hand, all models prior to the 6s, iOS 12.1, will only be able to join the call in audio.

It will also need to think about setting your smartphone to be able to receive FaceTime calls in 4G, if you do not have a WiFi connection.

There are three ways to place a FaceTime call to several. The first is to create a new conversation for Messages or to use an already existing one.

The second is to pass the FaceTime call in a group directly through the application FaceTime , and the third to add a participant from the function Phone.

In this article, we explain how to call several correspondents simultaneously with FaceTime, and what to do if FaceTime does not work.

Make a video call in a group with FaceTime.

To contact several friends at the same time, create a group Facetime rather than add a participant as of the call. To do this, follow these steps :

Open the application FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad.

Click on the + in the upper right corner of the screen.

Enter the name or number of the person you want to call, you can then add up to 31 other correspondents.

Finally, press the Video or Audio to make the call..

If one of your contacts is grayed out and cannot be selected, then it means that your iPhone (or iPad) is probably not iOS 12.1, or that FaceTime has not been configured.

Be aware that for conversations with many participants, the interface is divided into two sections.

When someone speaks, their avatar is automatically the largest and will remain so until another participant takes the floor.

If you want to enlarge the image of a correspondent who does not speak, then double tap on his window.

Make a call “Group FaceTime” with Messages.

From a conversation, it is easy to place a video call. Participants can join in the FaceTime or leave at any time.

Since the Messages app on your iOS, open a group chat that already exists or start a new one.

Press contacts at the top of the conversation “ X people >”.

Finally, select FaceTime.


Your friends will receive an alert indicating that a FaceTime call is in progress, it will also be shown how many are active.

Make a call “Group FaceTime” with the Phone.

You can add a person once the call has started.

Tap on the icon i next to the name of the correspondent you wish to reach first.

Select the option video Call.

Once the video call is in progress, tap the option to Add other people.


Find a participant during a call.

During a call, you will see different thumbnails for each person.

It is very easy to identify the user who conducted the call, but it is difficult to find the one who does not speak.

To do this, scroll through the different bubbles, once you’ve spotted your friend, double-click on their icon to enlarge.

Add effects and filters on FaceTime.

The iOS version 12 offers new visual effects fun on FaceTime. You can add stickers, apply filters to the picture (like a cartoon) or replace your face with a Animoji.

During the call, tap Effects and then click the icon with the head of a monkey to choose your Animoji.

To change the filter or effect on the photo, do the same operation, but this time by choosing one of these options : Filter / Effect / Text.

What to do if “Group FaceTime” does not work.

Sometimes, it is possible that the conversation to more does not work. This may be the case, if the iOS of a contact is not up to date (iOS 12.1), the latter will not be able to participate in the video call. For more, go to iOS version 12.1 is not enough, it is also necessary that the iPhone or iPad used to be recent, otherwise, you will only be able to be a participant audio and not video.

Also, in order for FaceTime to work properly, you’ll need a good Wi-fi connection. Ideally, you and your friend(s)will need to be connected in high-speed.

If you want to pass the call on 4G to make sure that all your connection settings cellular FaceTime are configured : cellular DataFaceTime , and then verify that it is enabled.