How to solve printing problems ?.


Your printer is not responding ? Your impressions are of less good quality ? You are no longer able to print from your smartphone or your tablet ?

Before you get rid of your printer and your cartridges, follow our troubleshooting tips.

If you want to replace, then please do not hesitate to consult our guide to buying the best printers.

Your printer no longer responds.

If your printer does not work then your first reflex would be to check that there is enough paper and ink. Also, make sure that the USB or Ethernet cable is properly plugged in.

If you print at distance then check your Wi-Fi connection. Si the latter is not stable, then it is best to use a cable USB.

Have you selected the correct printer ?.

Sometimes a print does not start because of a software installed on your computer uses a printer “virtual”. It lets you convert documents and images to PDF, Jpeg, GIF, .. without printing them on paper. It is possible that it is configured as the default printer.

When you click Print, your file is then saved by the virtual printer but it is not sent to the physical printer.

To choose the right printer, go to the Start Menu and open the control Panel. Select Hardware and Sound and then Devices and printers.

Finally, right-click on the printer you want to use and click on the option Set as default printer. By the same token, make sure that the printer status is Ready.

Now, in Word for example, select the printer of your choice (File → Print → Printer) and print.

If you think that your printer is suffering from other ailments, go to Devices and printers (Start Menu → control Panel → Hardware and Sound), right-click on the device in question and select the option Solve the problems.

Alternatively you can consult the following page to Troubleshoot the printer problems in Microsoft, and you let yourself be guided by his assistant (click to Run the troubleshooter).

If you own a HP printer, then this page might help.

Printing from your smartphone or tablet, do not launch.

To print from your iPhone, your iPad or your iPod Touch, your irinter must have a Wi-Fi connection and be compatible with AirPrint technology.

If you have a Mac, and your printer is not equipped with this technology, then install the free application HandyPrint (in English) on your computer, you can print remotely from your iOS devices.

Whether you have a PC or a Mac, a printer, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth or by USB cable/Ethernet, it will be possible for you to print directly from your iPhone or iPad thanks to PrinterPro.

If you have an Android, use Google Cloud Print, we have a detailed tutorial for this.

Replace the ink cartridges.

Generally, when the ink level of your cartridges is low, an alert message appears on your computer screen or on the monitor of your printer.

Don’t replace your cartridges when the colors fade and the ink is completely depleted.

If you have a laser printer so we advise you to remove the cartridge and shake it gently from right to left, to extend the period of use .

Some printers indicate the number of pages that can be printed before the cartridge will become empty.

If you are short of colors, print in black and white only, and activate the economy mode. These two options are typically found in the settings of your printer.

Print web pages, Microsoft Office documents and photos.

The pages on the internet.

The web pages are not intended to be printed. If they had to be, they would be of poor quality and, without limitation of paper size (width or height).

Always use the feature to Preview before printing, this tool will help you to preview your document and adjust. Also, it may be that you don’t need to print certain information or pages.

If you need to print a purchase order from an internet page for example, click on the option reserved to this effect, and not the web browser.

The Microsoft Office documents.

You want to print an Excel form ? Be sure to have selected the right cells before you click Print. For this, you can use the option to Print the selection.

So your spreadsheet fits A4 size, reduce margins, change the orientation (portrait or landscape), etc.

The same goes for Word documents, or files of word processing, it is possible to choose which pages to print.

The photos and images.

To print your photos and pictures stored on your PC, right-click directly on top of it, and then click Print. This will allow you to choose their dimensions.

You can also select multiple images jointly.

Repair the paper jam.

The paper jam is a problem which is quite recurrent. To unlock your printer, open the adf and gently remove the jammed sheet.

The paper absorbs the moisture, it is recommended to store your packet of leaves in a plastic bag.

Prefer paper, most of the printers of the house are not compatible with the sheets of a weight exceeding 200 g/m2 (for photos). It will therefore be impossible to print postcards or greeting, because they are too thick and rigid.

Impressions of bad quality.

Because of a dry ink and little used, the print heads may become clogged and leave traces (horizontal stripes) on your printed materials.

If you are in this case of figure, you need to proceed with their cleaning.

Refer first to the manual of your printer, because the latter could be equipped with a utility to clean and align the cartridges.

You can help of kits (about € 8) but be aware that the result is not guaranteed.

Our other tip would be to avoid printing on paper for copier (grammage between 80 and 100 g/m2), which is as absorbent as blotting paper.

We recommend that you buy good quality paper, preferably the same manufacturer as your printer, especially if you are printing photos.

Note that the weight of the leaves has less impact on the laser printers. If you notice spots on your prints, every time to the same places, so it may be that dirt or dust is present on the drum (cylinder of aluminum).

To remove the drum (or OPC), please refer to the manual of use and clean-the essentially with isopropyl alcohol and a dry cloth, clean and lint-free cloth.