How to set up Smart Lock on your Android ?.


The phone manufacturers want to facilitate the interaction between users and their devices, by providing, for example, several locking options, such as facial recognition, the capture of fingerprint, or iris..

In addition to all these opportunities, Google has also created the Smart Lock for Android.

Straight out of the version 5.0 Lollipop of Android, this system allows you to unlock your device by using the geolocation, of your voice, or your body (yes you read that correctly).

Then, to avoid having to type in a code or drawing a pattern, set up Smart Lock on your Android.

Set up Smart Lock on your Android.

That you have a Huawei or Xiaomi, the Smart Lock works the same way on Android, regardless of your brand, and its configuration is easy to achieve.

To do this, go into your security Settings, enter your PIN code, and tap on Smart Lock. It is then that 5 options are available to you. Below, we’ll explain each of them.

The detection of the device on you .

With this option, once your smartphone is unlocked, it will remain on as long as you are moving, or that you’re holding the device in your hand.

On the other hand, if it does not detect your presence, then it will automatically lock.

Places checked.

If you choose the method Places checked, so you will need to add an address (personal or professional, for example) or a place of trust, to which your smartphone will unlock, and without the need to touch it.

Devices checked.

Configure your smartphone so that it unlocks in the vicinity of a device which you have paired, such as a watch connected or an enclosure.

Turn on your Bluetooth, go into security Settings ? Add a verified device ? Add a verified device, and then select a device.

Face checked.

The option Face checked is the equivalent of the facial recognition system ; your Android device will be turned on by looking at it.

Save your face in different conditions (with glasses or without, hair attached/detached) so that your device can recognise you easily, and to ensure more security.

Go on Face verified ? Configure ? Add a face checked.

Voice verified.

As its name indicates, this release is the sound of your voice, a feature which iOS doesn’t have.

For this, you need to set up Ok Google in the upstream, and then to turn on your smartphone you will only have to say Ok Google.

However, we are not certain of its reliability since it is possible for your device to take your voice to another.

Be aware that the Smart Lock also allows you to save all your passwords. To enable it go to Settings ? Google ? Smart Lock for passwords.

Accept by pressing “yes” and as soon as you connectrez in to your Google account, your access code will be recorded.

Disable unlock the Smart Lock on your Android.

You do not want to use Smart Lock ? Not to worry, it is very simple to disable it.

To do this, go to your device settings, tap location and Security and then Smart Lock. Type in your schema, or your password, select the option you want to disable, and then follow the instructions.

All of these functions are interesting to use, but they can present some weaknesses in terms of security.

In case of loss or theft if you had activated the detection of movement, your phone will not be able to tell the difference between the pocket of your jacket and that of someone else.

However, even if this thief would be willing to disable your security settings and be aware that your method of initial unlocking (schema, password, etc) will still be required.