How to set up a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite ?.


You just offer you, or receive the Nintendo Switch, or the Switch Lite, but you don’t know how to set it up ? Then, you are in the right place !

In this tutorial, we explain to you in 4 steps how to configure your console hybrid before its first use.

Configure your Nintendo Switch.

Before you use your Switch for the first time, follow these 4 steps :

Connect the ac adapter to your console via the USB-C and then connect the ac adapter to the wall outlet.

Fix the Joy-Con to your Switch and then turn it on.
If you have the Switch Lite, the controllers are already integrated, so you can just turn it on directly.

Follow the instructions that appear on the screen, they will guide you through the first settings.
You will need to, among others, to choose language and timezone, configure your Internet settings and create a profile.

Once the configuration process is completed, the main screen appears. Insert a game cartridge (or downloaded games), and play.