How to set up a new PS4 or PS4 Pro ?.


The PS4 and the PS4 Pro are the consoles the most popular currently available, with a total of 103 million units sold since the launch of the original unit in 2013. It holds the largest market share compared to Xbox One’s and Xbox One X from Microsoft, as well as the Switch to Nintendo.

If you have just purchased a PS4 or PS4 Pro and want to know how to set it up then follow this tutorial ; the process is fairly simple.

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Configuring a PS4, the guide.

Before you rush and play your favorite games, you should follow the steps below to start your new Playstation.

Connect the PS4 to your TV.

The first part of the installation is to connect your Playstation to your tv.

Connect the supplied HDMI cable to your TV and to the HDMI output of the PS4.

Connect the power cable to the back of the console, and its other end to a power source.

If you do not use the Wi‑Fi for internet connection, then connect the Ethernet cable to the back of the PS4.

Connect the micro USB cable to the controller DualShock 4 and its other end to the USB port of the PS4.

Finally, turn on the PS4 by holding the PS button for 3 seconds or press the power button on the front of the console.

Configure the internet connection.

Once the console turned on, connect to the Internet, this will allow you to download games from the PlayStation Store and online gaming via the PlayStation Network.

Although Ethernet (LAN) offers a faster Internet connection, Wi‑Fi is the easiest option for most users.

From the home screen, press the command buttons on your controller to access the top navigation bar and select Settings.

In the Settings menu, select Network → Configure the Internet connection, and then choose between Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Select the easy method.

Choose your Wi-Fi network from the displayed list and enter its password.

If it is a question of proxy servers then select the option to not use it.

Then, select Test internet connection to verify that you are connected to the Internet and the sony PlayStation network.

To update the system software of the PS4.

Once connected to the Internet, the last step is to update the system software. You will need to do before accessing the PlayStation Store and any other online function.

In most cases, the software update downloads in the background, but it is not automatically installed. To do this :

Go to the home menu → screen functions and select Notifications.

Select Downloads → software update system and press X.

Follow the on-screen instructions, press Next, and update when prompted.

The PS4 will restart and the installation of the update begins, once completed, the console will raise.
It only remains for you to press the PS button on your controller to take advantage of all the online features of the PS4 and you can go to the PlayStation Store to download your favorite games.