How to send free large files ?.


We’ve all already had this error message telling us that the size of our attachments exceeded the allowed limit. And, well, here are 8 services to send your large files, and this without paying a single cent !

WeTransfer .


WeTransfer is a service for sending and storing very simple to use. It is free and does not require you to create an account user.

With WeTransfer you can send up to 2 Gb at once, to 20 recipients maximum. The latter will receive a download link which expires after 7 days.

For a faster loading of your files, it is advisable to make your shipments in the morning or late in the day. Outside, the service is likely to be oversupplied.

WeTransfer on PC/Mac..
WeTransfer on Android..
WeTransfer iOS..

Send Anywhere .


Send Anywhere allows you to send a file of 4 Gb, without registration. This service is available from the web site, in the form of application to be installed on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or in the form of a plugin to add to your web browser.

To complete your submission from the website, there is nothing more simple, enter the email address of the recipient, a subject, your message, and finally click on Send (Sending). Note that Send Anywhere is only available in English, chinese and japanese.

Also, according to the platform of shipment chosen, the maximum size of your file will vary.
If you prefer the extension to Chrome or Outlook, your file can be up to 10 Gb.

From your smartphone you can send up to 20 Gb, perfect for vacation photos.
And, if you use it with Windows (7, 8, or 10), the size of your files will be unlimited.

Send Anywhere from its internet site and on your computer..
Send Anywhere for Android..
Send Anywhere for iOS..

SendBox .


SendBox, it is up to 3 Gb send free, without registration.

Drag and drop your document, enter one or more recipients, and finally send ! Your correspondent will receive a download link, valid 7 days, beyond that, it will be deleted automatically.

Sync your devices to access, share and send your large files more quickly and wherever you are. For this, you need to install the software on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), and then download the app on your smartphone.

SendBox from its website and install it on your computer.

Hightail .


Hightail, unlike the previous services, requires registration, which makes it a little less interesting for a one-time use.
This service allows you to send files up to 250 Mb, enjoy 2 Gb of storage space, and 5 e-signatures.

Most of Hightail ? This is the encryption of your data, ideal for sending confidential documents, and the notification of automatic reception.

Hightail for Android and iOS.

Dropbox .


Dropbox is probably the online storage service the most known and most used.

With Dropbox, you can share your large files with friends or colleagues, and that they have a user account or not.

The platform gives you the opportunity to save for free up to 2 Gb of data, and get 16 Gb space with referrals.

The advantage of Dropbox is its offline mode, and account holders can access their files from anywhere at any time.

Note that Dropbox is compatible with Windows operating systems, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Linux and Blackberry.

Download-the here.

Google Drive .


Google Drive has been designed for holders of a Gmail account and other Google users. This service is not intended for sending large files but rather sharing.

It is one of the best Cloud services on the market. Google Drive is 15 Gb of free storage space. In sum, an ideal tool for a collaboration between a colleague and you don’t have to send your documents (images, graphics, text processing,..) by e-mail.

Google Drive is available on PC or Mac, Android or iOS (but is not yet available on Windows Phone).

OneDrive .


OneDrive is un the other Cloud, very similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. You can there store 15 Gb of files and share them for free

To get more space, you have to go through sponsorships and allowing access to photos stored on your smartphone.

Each file stored on OneDrive can be sent to a friend just by clicking on the button Share.

Download OneDrive.

Mail Drop .


Do you have a Mac ? In this case, you have already made available a free tool allowing you to send large files (max. 5 Gb). It is Mail Drop and is integrated with the Mail application !

If you want to use Mail Drop, it will be necessary to first load your documents in the iCloud, then you can generate a link and send it to your recipient. Click on it to access files that you download, and this within 30 days of receipt.

If your correspondent has a Mail Drop, then the file will be downloaded automatically as attachment to the email.