How to see a YouTube video blocked ?.


YouTube is a video hosting site and social media accessible to everyone anywhere in the world. However, this does not mean that all videos are visionnables everywhere, when this is the case then the screen displays the error message “This video has been blocked in your country by the user who put it online”.

Which is rather frustrating when you just want to watch the trailer of a movie or a video clip. To overcome this obstacle , follow our tutorial.

Use a VPN.

The most reliable and efficient to work around the filter area to use a VPN service (virtual private Network). This enables you to browse the Web as if you were based in another country.

There are free VPN, but we recommend the pay as NordVPN, which is, in our opinion the best on the market, so you will enjoy faster connections, more servers and much better protection of your private data. Before registering, we recommend that you test their free version.

In order to see YouTube videos blocked from your country, install the VPN of your choice on your PC, Mac or smartphone. Make sure that it lets you choose the location of the server, which will give you access securely to the video (normally the country where is based the creator).

Now, you just need to re-open your web browser and visit the YouTube video you want to watch. YouTube now think that you are located in the correct country ; the video should then start.Depending on the VPN selected, the video may load a bit more slowly, or be of lesser quality.

A VPN service is generally the quickest and easiest way to unblock YouTube videos.

Use a proxy.

If you do not want to go through a VPN then your best alternative is to use a proxy server. It will have a similar result to the VPN since you can navigate as if you were in another country. Nevertheless, it is less secure and does not encrypt your browsing, which is why, according to us, a VPN is preferable to a proxy.

If you simply want to watch video clips on YouTube then the encryption is important to you probably a little. However, if you try to access videos from a country whose government prohibits their viewing then the VPN is definitely your best ally.

Like the VPN, there are proxy servers free, but they are often so limited that a paid service is more appropriate.

You will usually need to access the server via a browser extension. Again, make sure that the chosen server is located in a country where the video in question is accessible. Finally, it only remains to you make on YouTube.

To download the video.

If our two techniques have failed then why not download the YouTube video, and you can avoid all geographic restrictions.

Don’t forget that it is not illegal to download videos on YouTube, it is technically against the terms of use of Google, and it is without a doubt immoral as you go around the advertisements that help fund the site and its content.