How to restart a Mac secure ?.


You are working on your Mac and suddenly it no longer seems to respond, it remains as frozen ? This tutorial is made for you, since we will explain how to unlock your Mac and how to identify the cause of its malfunction.

Your mac hangs there because of an app or macOS ?.

Before you begin, try to determine the cause of this sudden blocking.

Most often, it is an application. When this is the case, a warning message automatically appears on your screen, informing you that the “application has quit unexpectedly”. Click on Restart to restart it. You can also click on Ok and reopen the application.

On the other hand, if no alert message is displayed, it means the operating system is macOS, which is blocked.

Stop sending reports to Apple.

By default, when an application misbehaves, macOS sends problem reports to Apple. The american company uses this data to improve its operating system and make it more stable.

If you do not want to notify Apple, follow the steps below :

Click on the Apple, then System Preferences.

Select Security and privacy, click on the tab Privacy, then on Analysis.

To make your changes, click the lock (bottom left) and enter your password.

Now, uncheck the boxes Share the analysis Mac and Share with the app developers.

Finally, click again on the padlock icon to confirm your changes.


Now, only the options Restart and Report will be displayed each time an app will stop working.

Force quit an application.

When an application becomes unresponsive, the cursor takes the shape of a wheel, arc‑en‑ciel, which spins endlessly. In order to get out of this situation, you must force the closure of the application, and then reopen it.

To do this, use one of these three techniques :

Click on another location of your macOS Desktop, a window..).

Press command and Tab (to the left of A), this will enable you to switch to another application.

From the Dock, click the icon of the application holding the key in Cmd, and then click Force quit.


In the case where your Dock is locked, simultaneously press the keys Cmd → alt → esc, and then select the application to close.

What to do if the operating system macOS is blocked ? .

Your Mac is not responding or you are unable to quit an application ?

Open the menu of the Apple and click Force quit. Then, select the app and click on Restart.

If you can’t interact with macOS, use the shortcut Cmd → Ctrl → Eject (above the Delete key), this will enable you to restart your system.

If the preceding techniques have not had the desired effect, so we recommend that you hold the button, Walk away until your Mac turns off.

Restart your PC, the files you were working on might be corrupt. Try to recover what you can and transfer everything into a new folder, and then delete the damaged files.

Identify the cause of the blockage.

If your Mac will blockeu often, it is important that you find the original. Here is a list of audits and solutions that can help you.

Check the storage space available in your macOS.

Make sure that macOS and the apps are up to date, it is the same for third-party programs.

Update your operating system keeping your external devices connected to it, and then eject them. Then, reconnect them, may be this is one of them that causes this failure.

Disable or delete all plugins in your apps.

Restart your Mac in safe mode, turn the power off, and on again by pressing simultaneously on the keys Shift, Command and V. This will allow macOS to revive and repair the bugs.

Use the feature SOS of your disk Utility (Go → Utilities → disk Utility) to detect and fix errors in the system.

Test the hardware components of your Mac using the Apple Hardware Test or Diagnostics Apple.


Your Mac may be a victim of malware .

Many of the windows iTunes or sending e-mails appear suddenly on your screen ? Attention, because they may saturate the system memory of your Mac, and more importantly, this means that malicious software is on your computer. Delete the to the help of our tutorial and protect your Mac with an antivirus program, such as Mac Internet Security X9.