How to reset a password on Windows 7 ?.


It is sometimes difficult to remember the password to his computer.. It happens to us also to forget our indices are registered or are the answers to the secret questions that help us to recover our ids.

It is a situation that can quickly prove problematic, especially if your PC is a work tool that you use a lot in everyday life.

In this tutorial, we give you 3 tips to regain access to your PC without a password and without having to reset it completely.

Note that it only applies to Windows 7 because it requires the use of a local administrator account to the difference of Windows 10, which usually works with a Microsoft account.

If you have Windows 10 and you want to remove the password at start-up then check out this tutorial, and for the change to follow it.

Also, before we go any further, check first if the Caps Lock key on your keyboard is not enabled. It may be that this is the reason why your password is incorrect.

As a reminder, it is strictly forbidden to use these tricks to hack into accounts that do not belong to you.

Finally, be aware that from the January 14, 2020, Windows 7 is taking its final bow after more than 10 years of good and loyal services, any update will not be available.

Use an administrator account hidden.

To be able to use the administrator account is hidden, it is important that it has previously been activated and configured.

To start your computer in diagnostic mode, restart your system and repeatedly press the F8 key. The advanced boot Options window appears, select safe Mode with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

In user Name, enter Admin (in all caps) and leave the password field empty.

Now that you are in safe Mode, go to control Panel → user Accounts. Select the account you want to reset and change their password.

Use a disk to repair Windows.

If the previous option does not work or does not suit you then you can help you with your repair disc Windows.

Insert the disk and force you to restart your PC, once the logo W appears, press and hold the ignition button pressed for 4 seconds.

The window Install Windows appears, choose preferences, and then click Next. Now, select the option to Repair the computer and system recovery Options, select Windows 7.

A window startup Repair appears, click Cancel to stop the self-diagnosis and then click Finish.

Back on system recovery Options, go to command Prompt.

In the new window, in the result of the command X:\Sources>, type copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\. The message “1 file copied” should then appear.

To the line, after X:\Sources> enter copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe.

On the line below, to the following two points, type the letter o.

Now, eject the disc and restart your Windows.

When the claim administrator is displayed, press 5 times on the Shift key to restart the command Prompt.

Now, you can reset your password to the following C:\Windows\system32>, type net user followed by your name and user account and your new password.

For example, C:\Windows\system32>net user mathilde hello, mathilde is our user name hello and password.

Once this is done, close the command Prompt window by typing exit after C:\Windows\system32>. Resetting the password of your Windows 7 is finished.

Use a utility to reset the password.

If after the application of these two tricks, no result has been finding then download a utility that will allow you to bypass your password on Windows 7.

For example, among the “Windows password recovery tool”, you can find the software NTpasswd which can be very useful.

Even if Windows 7 is the Windows version of the most popular, Microsoft has decided to make it obsolete from 2020. If you want to already upgrade to Windows 10 here’s how to install it for free.