How to reset a Android phone ?.


If you are going to separate you from your Android device, either a tablet or a smartphone, then it is highly recommended that the reset. This process is fast and allows also to give a boost to your device, and get rid of the malware.

This tutorial works for smartphones and tablets. Make sure you have backed up the files you want to keep to a cloud or to another device because the operation is irreversible.

How to deliver its Android to factory settings ? .

Before you reset your Android make sure it has at least 30 % of battery, and then follow the steps below.

1 – Go to your Settings.

2 – scroll down the menu to the bottom and then tap on Backup and reset.

3 – Select Restore factory configuration.

4 – Confirm the reset of your device.

5 – If you have a PIN code, you will be asked to enter it before the reboot starts.

How do I reset his Android in case of failure of the system ? .

If your smartphone becomes unresponsive, you can try a “soft reset”, that is to say, to close all active applications on your device and restart it.

To initiate a “soft reset”, press and hold the start buttons and volume down simultaneously for several seconds (this seems long but persist).

Press the button to start the reboot.

This technique of resetting works for most Android. If it does not work for you, please do not hesitate to do an internet search (type the name of your model + soft reset).