How to resell a Mac ?.


Before selling your Mac.

Before selling your Mac, we recommend to clean it (screen, keyboard, touch pad..), reset the settings of factories, that you log out of your iTunes account, iCloud and iMessage, and finally reinstall macOs.

To attract more potential buyers, try to also put the hand on the original packaging of your computer. If you are not sure of the model you have or, and want to know its technical characteristics do not hesitate to read our tutorial : How to identify a Mac ?

How to determine the resale price of your Mac ?.

First of all, to determine the resale price of your Mac, it is important that you identify it, in order to be able to list its technical features by example. Then, see the ads on websites of private individuals such as eBay, Vivastreet, or The Right Corner. This will allow you to have an overview of prices charged by other resellers of the same model Mac, and if the offer is greater than the demand.

It is important to remain objective about the state of your Mac, if it is new, used, etc

Your price should be neither too high nor too low. In fact, a buyer can steer to a new product just more expensive than yours, or, on the contrary, he may think that your computer is faulty.

We also recommend to you to visit the website of a certified refurbished product from Apple, where the brand’s products are refurbished by their services and then resold. The buyer, if he turns to this site, you will be assured of a very good quality of packaging, certified Apple, and would benefit from a one-year warranty.

You have to study the competition and find the right price for your Mac.

When to sell your Mac ?.

To increase your chances of resale, watch the calendar.

New products are often presented during the Keynotes from Apple. Therefore, it is important for you to know when the new Macs are coming out to sell yours well before.

You can put your Mac in sales during the summer, before school starts. To start a new academic year, many students wish to offer a high-performance computer without spending an astronomical sum. There are offers Apple exclusively for the students but the prices exercised remain fairly high..

Christmas time is also a fort in which a lot of people are looking for good deals, tech, products, new or second hand in very good condition, at a price “affordable”.

Where to sell your Mac ?.

Your Mac is ready and you know when to put it on sale ? It does not remain you more that to you to decide on which platform or through which service you wish to sell it.

In general, a sale to private individuals is more advantageous as it is done at your price. From a store or from a recovery service, it is very likely that it reserves a margin of sale.

Of course, this saves you time, but it may be less money..

Apple recycling program.

The Apple recycling program is a service that can resume your old Mac, whether it works or not. Subject to eligibility,Apple is taking over your Mac, and estimates its value. Then, the corresponding sum is paid in the form of to have, to buy other products of the trademark on the Apple Store.

Note that some PC’s and Android devices can also be recycled by Apple.


You want to renew your Mac (iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch) and the benefit of someone else, then go through the service e-Recycle.

Through it, you’ll be giving a second chance (life) to your old Mac and will participate in the circular economy.

How to get there ? There is nothing more simple. Go to e-Recycle, make an estimate of your device and send it free of charge. Their workshops partners will take care of the repair, ready for resale.

e-Recycle is also proposing the purchase of the iOS and MacOS refurbished, in addition they come with a 6 month warranty !

Back Market.

Back Market is a French company that has created a platform on which to sell (or buy) your smartphone, your computer, your iPad and more.

The difference of a product of opportunity, the refurbished is refurbished (or almost) giving him the advantage of being both at the height of your ways and of very good quality.

Back Market works only in partnership with factories that are serious and controlled regularly. To provide additional comfort to the buyers, the company offers a warranty of at least 6 months, in case of every problems with the product.


You can also turn to mResell. It is a service which accepts only the Mac under 5 years of age in order to be sure of being able to obtain spare parts for Apple if a repair is necessary.

He is in charge of the factory reset of your Mac, so make sure you have removed all of your personal data upstream.