How to remove the sound for emails on the iPhone ?.


To hear an alert every time you receive an email on your iPhone can become particularly annoying, especially if they have nothing significant or that it is a group discussion. By chance, there is an easy remedy to this problem.

Indeed, at the time of its last update to iOS 13, Apple has included a new feature that allows you to mute the sound of these alerts, sometimes pop-ups.

Thanks to this tutorial, don’t be disturbed by sound notifications of emails on your iPhone.

Activate the feature Does not alert me in the Mail.

You no longer need to block certain recipients, or to find other methods designed to keep your inbox free.

Thanks to iOS 13 you are able to mute a conversation. This can be useful, especially if you are part of a group discussion.

To do this :

Open your Mail application.
Go on the email that you want to put in silent .
Swipe to the left to reveal the options hidden.
Tap on the three dots.
In the list that appears, choose Do not alert me


To the right of the email, you should now see a bell crossed out, it means that your conversation is now mute.

If, after a certain time, you want to return to the notifications, then you can simply repeat the same steps as before, with the exception of the last, you have to type on alert Me.

Treat your discussion threads hidden.

Apple offers users two options to handle emails received when a conversation is muted.

You will find them in Settings → Mail → Action of the thread hidden, you will have the choice between Mark as read and Archive or delete.

Delete all of your emails .

To put all your emails in silent, here’s another quick and easy solution.

Go to Settings .
Tap on Sounds and vibrations .
Go to New e-mail .
Select None