How to remove the background from an image in Photoshop ?.


Using Photoshop is not always a trivial matter. For example, removing the background of a photo can be a tricky task, especially if you are not accustomed to using this software. Fortunately we know a very simple method (in 10 steps) to perform this type of photo editing.

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Remove the background from a photo with Photoshop.

Here are 10 steps that are very easy to isolate the subject and thus to erase the background of your image.

Open Photoshop. .
Go to File, choose your image.
In the layers window to the right of the screen, drag your layer 0 up to the icon of the page cornea in the lower right. .
The layer 0 copy then disappears.
Select the Layer 0. .
In the left tool bar, right-click on the Quick Selection tool (a brush 4th icon from the list) and choose the Magic Wand Tool. .
Click on the background of your image to select it entirely.
Once the outline highlighted, tap the Delete key on your keyboard. .
Drag the Layer 0 copy in the trash, in the bottom right corner. .
Appointments to File and finalize with the Save as → PNG file.

Change the color of the background of a photo with Photoshop.

Why don’t you give color to a black and white photo ? With Photoshop everything is possible in this part we will explain how to add, change the background color of your images.

Open your photo with Photoshop.
Select your subject using the lasso tool, free. .
Surround your model and fine-tune the contours by pressing Alt. .
Click the Select option and hide. .
In the window that appears, go to the brush around the subject to refine your selection and leave no white space. .
Click OK. .
Go to the layers window on the right, on the round two-tone all the way down.
Select solid Color and confirm with OK.
Click on the Mask (square with your black and white image) to invert your selection, and press Ctrl + I.
Change the background color with a double-click on the color square next to the mask.
In the drop-down menu blend Mode above the layers, select your background style.