How to recover files on an SD card corrupted ?.


SD cards are very practical and effective for data backup, but they are very fragile. We use it most often for our smartphone and cameras, therefore, they tend to contain many files of value.

When an SD card stops working, there are chances that you may lose your personal data (photos, videos, documents,..). However, a variety of free programs you can retrieve files saved on an SD card damaged.

Before you begin.

Our first advice is not to format the card, otherwise you won’t be able to retrieve all the data that it contains.

If you insert your SD card in the card slot of your computer and nothing happens, then we recommend that you use another computer or a USB card reader external. Some are less than 20 € and accept both microSD cards and the standard SD.

Also, sometimes the dysfunction comes from the player and not the card.

Files recovery software.

There are numerous free programs developed to retrieve data stored on memory cards damaged.

When using such software, it is not guaranteed that you can find your files intact.
Some free programs do not accept recovery of only a limited number of files. Before choosing a software, be sure to check this information.

In addition, the installation of free software, we strongly recommend that you do not select the option “recommended”.

Rather prefer the option “manual” and carefully read each of the instructions before you confirm an action.

The program Disk Digger is able to detect the SD cards, the content of which is not spotted by the Windows file Explorer. It can also recover files erased by mistake.

Software EaseUS and ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery, in English) are also very efficient. In this tutorial, we use ZAR.

How to use ZAR ?.

ZAR is a free program that will help you, in a few minutes, to recover files on your SD damaged.

Install ZAR, and then insert your SD card in the card reader of your PC.
Launch the program. It may be that you need to disable the antivirus of your PC. We advise you to disconnect from the internet.

Click on the option Image Recovery (image Recovery).
ZAR goes in search of the connected devices. Select the removable disk in question, and then click Next (Next).

ZAR to scan your SD card. The process may take a few minutes.

Once the operation is complete, you will see a list of recovered files. Select the checkbox for the “Root” folder to select all of the images.

Click Next (Next), and then select the folder into which the recovered files will be placed. It is important that it be on the hard drive of your PC and not on the SD card corrupted.


It may be that the files recovered have lost their original name and their extension. It only remains for you to rename and reorder them.

Tips to repair an SD card that no longer works.

SD cards of standard size are fragile due to their thin plastic shell. They break easily if they are in your pockets or in bags without boxes of protections.

Sometimes, the switch or the lock button (the small tab of white colour or silver) that secures the contents of the card can break. Consequently, it is not possible to read the content, or delete it.

If your SD card is not physically damaged and that the switch is still in place (in the position not locked), then it is possible to use one of the tools native to Windows.

Your options vary depending on whether your card appears in the
Windows file Explorer or not.

If this is the case then right-click it, select Properties and then the tab Tools. Finally, click on Check so that Windows scans the card, finds the error and corrects it.

If the SD card does not appear in file Explorer, then go into device Manager from the menu Start.

In this tool, you can see the drives that Windows is able to detect.

If you can not find your SD card in the list, it means that she, or the reader no longer works.