How to record a phone call ?.


In many situations, record a phone call can prove to be useful. Whether it’s a private conversation or a professional, keep a record audio allows you not to miss any important information.

On iOS as on Android, it is possible to record your calls across different applications. We have selected two for each operating system.

Note that in the French law, that a telephone conversation is received as a legal proof, your representative must consent to the recording of your call.

How to record a phone conversation on Android phone ?.

Among the slew of audio recording applications available on Android, we have chosen to present two : call Recorder automatic Automatic Call Recorder) and RMC: Android Call Record.

Call recorder (Automatic Call Recorder).

The application call Recorder automatically records all of your conversations and keeps them in its inbox. It has the advantage not to impose any storage limit, unlike your phone.
Also, do not use memory unnecessarily, upstream, you can pre-select the contacts that you don’t want to save.

Among the features offered by call Recorder, we find the protect files with a password, compatibility with various audio formats (3GP, mp3, AAC, WAWE) and transfer to a PC.
Finally, it is even possible to back up all of your transcripts via Cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

This application is free but if you want more options, then do not hesitate to upgrade to the Pro version. However, we recommend that you start with its free trial check its compatibility with your Android.

RMC: Android Call Recorder.

With RMC: Android Call Recorder, save (manually or automatically) your incoming and outgoing calls directly on your SD card.

As with call Recorder, you can protect your records with a code to transfer directly to online storage services (Google Drive..) and change the audio format (mp3, amr, 3GP..).

They will also be filtered according to your calls, if it is of your contacts or unknown numbers, for example. Finally, all of your outdated files will be deleted and your recycle bin will be automatically emptied.

RMC : Android Call Recorder is free and its interface is available only in English.

How to record a phone conversation on an iPhone ?.

In the same way as Android, iOS offers a wide choice of apps to record your calls. Here are two very effective.


TapeACall is a professional application with multiple functions different from the other.

It is by means of a communication, a tripartite between the service TapeACall, the person that you contact and you that your exchange will be recorded.

The online registration of the application performs a silent listening during the call so that your conversation is transcribed in every detail and with a good audio quality.

With TapeACall, save all incoming and outgoing calls that you want, and this is without time limit.

Rename all of your conversations, transfer them to your computer, share them on social networks or send it by SMS, MMS, and even emails in format MP3.
Its interface is pleasant, intuitive and very easy to use, everything is explained through video tutorials.

Its free trial lasts for 7 days, then the application moves on to the price of 4.99 €/month or 29,99 €/year.

Call-recording-int (Call Recorder).

The application call-Recording-int, allows you to record your calls abroad without additional costs from your operator. To preserve confidentiality, your conversation will be recorded directly on your iPhone without going through a third-party service.

If you want to hide your number, there is an option on the application, select it from the Accounts tab. And, for a better listening of your audio files, transfer them directly to your iTunes.

Also, if you want to share with your friend(e)s for example, then send the via email or WhatsApp messages.

Call-recording-int is available for free on the Apple Store, however to be able to call, you will need to buy credits, the pass, at $ 5.49 (4,92 €) is equivalent to $ 5 (4,48 €) call.

During registration, the application gives you a price of $ 0.30 (the cost is $0.10/min (0,09 €) in France).