How to put Youtube in the background on his smartphone ?.


The application Youtube is the largest streaming platform, the most used on smartphones and tablets.

The downside is that it is not possible to watch a video while surfing the internet, etc, because it would stop abruptly.

To overcome this constraint, there is a third-party app Awesome Pop-up Video.

This application, which is unfortunately not translated in French, you can see your Youtube videos in the background from a pop-up window.

How to put Youtube in the background with Awesome Pop‑up Video.

1/ Download the Awesome Pop-up Video.
Press Install.
Authorize the application to access your camera on by pressing Accept.

2/ Open the application.
Click on the magnifying glass located in the top right to search the video you want to see.

3/ Lopen your video, it automatically appears under the form of a pop-up.
You can enlarge, move and close.

That is, you can now switch on your home screen without the Youtube video stopping.