How to protect your personal data on a watch connected ?.


Connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, but also watches that are connected can be affected by viruses.

If a person manages to gain access to your smartwatch, then it could be very personal and even empty your bank account.

It is therefore important that you secure them to your watch. This, however, does it mean that it is necessary to install an antivirus on your watch ?

A watch that is connected is an extension of your smartphone. The two devices are paired and linked to each other via connection to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This means that hackers have at their disposal other means to access your data.

Furthermore, according to a survey of HP, the watches connected sold in 2015, contain serious security flaws.

However, if you have recently purchased your watch then the information sent to your smartphone should be encrypted, like the Apple Watch.

However, this does not mean that it is useless to protect his watch from potential viruses. In fact, it is possible to install a program or an app on a connected device, then it is the same for malicious software..

A watch connected can be affected by a virus ?.

Technically, yes. Any data, regardless of its nature or provenance, can be stolen. Be aware that it is easier to steal data than to introduce and install a virus on a watch connected.

It is sufficient for the hackers to persuade you to send them your information, they did not need to hack your device.

Therefore, we advise you to think twice before clicking on a link, to share data or to download an application.

Also, some manufacturers of anti-virus recommend users not to store sensitive information and not to use your watch to make payments.

However, if you have an Apple Watch, these tips do not apply because the communication between this last and your iPhone is encrypted and that the Apple Watch does not transmit your data to the merchant.

In summary, you really don’t need an antivirus for your watch, it is simply necessary to remain very vigilant and secure your data sepuis your Android or iPhone.