How to prevent automatic updates of Windows 10 ?.


It seems that Windows still wants to update and reboot at the worst time ; when you are working or watching Game of Thrones for example. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to avoid this inconvenience by adjusting a few settings on your PC.

Block automatic updates of Windows 10

A way to block the automatic updates of Windows 10 is to configure your internet connection as being “limited”.

To do this, open your Settings by clicking the wheel in the menu Start and click on Network and Internet.

In the side menu, click on Wifi and then select your internet connection (alas, this trick does not work with Ethernet connections).

Scroll the window to the bottom, and select Set as connection limited.

The amount of internet data used by your computer is now reduced, which prevents the drive-by download updates.

Note that it is necessary to perform this setting for each wifi network you use. If you wish, you can allow the download of updates on some networks but not others.

To avoid that Windows 10 will only restart when updates are installed

If you have not already done so, it is worthwhile to adjust the “hours of operations” to prevent your computer from rebooting when you let it install an update.

To do this, go to your Settings and then in update and security and click on Change the hours of activity.

Select the hours between which you do not want your computer to restart and then click