How to post pictures on Instagram from a PC ?.


Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social networks. With 1 billion monthly active users, the audience on Instagram is considerable.
Through this platform you will share moments of your life and your most beautiful pictures with the rest of the world.

Primarily used on a smartphone, it is also accessible on pc via its web interface or an application, however, it is much developed.

Actually, it is not as intuitive and doesn’t offer the same options as the mobile application. Officially, you can not publish photos or stories, or creating albums and you will not have access to the e-mail.

To work around the problem and as well take full advantage of a use office, alternatives have been created. In this article, we propose to you a trick so you can finally post photos to your account from a PC.

How to use Instagram on PC ?.

In the first place, to access the web-based version of Instagram, you can just do a search on the internet, from your PC.

Although one finds some of the same functions as the mobile app (comments, like, search..), it misses the essence of this social network, the functionality to Publish a photo. Without it, it is impossible to post new publications on the platform.

Indeed, as soon as you log in to your account from your computer, the first page displays your photo stream with in the top right corner three icons, Explore, Notifications, and Profile.

Thanks to options, you will be able to navigate between different profiles or return to your photos already posted from your smartphone. However, you will have no way to edit them or add new ones on your feed.

On the Microsoft Store, it is possible to download a version of the application Instagram designed for computer. However, the problem remains the same, you will not be able to share content on your account Instagram.

How to post pictures on Instagram from a PC ?.

It seems to you may not be able to post photos on Instagram from their website or Windows application, but nothing prevents you to work around the problem by using a third-party tool.

There are applications to extend the features of Instagram for Windows. One of them is a Chrome extension known as User Agent Switcher.

This tool allows you to change the user agent from your computer the time of your navigation. In effect, while you navigate from your PC, a User-Agent Switcher allows you to benefit from a connection as if you were on your smartphone.

As well, as well as on the mobile app, you can share your photos and publish new posts with its function to Publish a photo.

To purchase, go to the Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome browser. Once installed, you will only have to click on the icon a black mask to the right of your navigation bar and choose between several user agents, such as iOS or Android.