How to open and convert a file HEIC under Windows ?.


Since the update to iOS 11, Apple has decided to switch to a new format for photos and images, in fact they have now the extension .heic.

This allows to reduce their size, to free up more space on your iPhone or iPad, to store more and change more easily to your images.

This format is very convenient, it is also necessary that Windows can take care of that for users with a PC. Fortunately, there are several tricks to open files HEIC and convert it.

What is a file HEIC ?.

If you copy photos taken with an iPhone or iPad on a PC, then you will realize that they have the extension .heic.

HEIC is a format developed, not by Apple, but by MPEG ; it could even replace the JPG format. This new format for photos and images is supported by the iPhone and iPad with the chip A9, and the most recent models (iPhone 5S, SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, iPad Mini, Air, Pro..).

The format HEIC has several advantages :

it retains a quality that is equivalent to the JPG.

it is less heavy, it allows a faster transfer.

it can save multiple photos under a single folder.

it supports transparency (like GIF), and the 16-bit color.

it can register changes to images (crop, rotate,..) and their removal.


How to open a file HEIC ?.

Under Windows, it is not possible to open a file HEIC, then, to work around this problem you can convert the files HEIC in JPG.

For this, we recommend that you use one of these free programs : iMazing HEIC Converter, the Converter HEIC in JPG Apowersoft, online service Convert Heic Photos to JPEG, or AnyTrans.

If you opt for iMazing HEIC Converter, a small window will appear in which you can simply drag‑and-drop your files and convert them to JPG or PNG.

Otherwise, there is the online service HEIC in JPG Apowersoft, the conversion process is the same as for iMazing, but you have a limit of 50 files HEIC.

They will be automatically converted, however, you need to download each of them individually, which is a little upsetting.

Do not convert the files HEIC.

To not have to convert your pictures, you can share via email or store them on a Cloud, such as Google Drive.

By doing this, they will be automatically converted to JPEG format, then you will have to choose their size.

Otherwise, back up the files HEIC in Dropbox, the storage service already supports the format .heic.