How to make iPad faster ?.


If you have an old model of iPad (version 1,2,3, 4, or even the iPad mini 1), it does surely more as quickly as you’d like. The iOS operating system used for the iPad is effective, but slows over time. Fortunately, there are a few techniques to boost your tablet, and we have selected for you the most effective.

Please be aware that Apple has prepared a clean operating system to the tablet, the iPadOS.

Also, learn how to connect your iPad to your TV and how to listen to YouTube in the background.

A more iPad light iPad faster .


Onto then off your iPad applications you no longer use.

Do a real cleaning in your applications can greatly improve the performance of your iPad and allow it to function more efficiently.

To delete an app, hold its icon until you enter edit mode (all of the applications begin to shake), and then tap the cross that appears in the top left.

It is possible to know what applications are the most demanding storage space by going to Settings → General → Storage and use iCloud → Manage storage.

There, you will see the weight of all your programs. Tap on their name to access the details (weight of the application VS. weight of the contents of the application) and to remove them.

These are often the applications for videos, podcasts or photos that take up the most space. You are not obliged to delete them but it would be good to do the sorting in their content.

Remove apps and restart the iPad .


Once you have done the cleaning in your applications, restart your iPad in order to refresh his memory.

Press and hold the sleep button until the screen offers you to turn off the iPad, then turn it on again.

Disable the background refresh .


Now that you have removed a few applications, your iPad should be faster.

If you are using an older model of tablet like the iPad 2 or the iPad mini, turn off non-essential functions such as background refresh.

To do this, go to Settings → General → Refresh in the background.

iPad and updates to iOS – a complicated relationship .


Attention, update your iOS can be a double-edged sword. A lot of iPad gain in efficiency, but some (the elderly) become even more slow.

In fact, the new versions of iOS may introduce features that are poorly supported by older models. If you have already followed all of our advice, and that your tablet is always slow then it is worth a try .. as a last resort.

To update your iPad, go to Settings → General → software update, and check if there is not a new version of iOS.

iOS 13, and iPadOS are scheduled for September 2019.

Clear the cache of Safari .


If your application Safari has slowed down, it probably means that his browsing cache is full (the browsing cache is a memory space which allows you to save web pages already visited).

To empty the cache in Safari, go to Settings → General → Safari → Clear history, site data.

The problem just may not be your iPad .


If, after you have cleared the cache of Safari, the app is still slow, the problem is not just may not be your iPad but your internet connection.

You can check the speed from your iPad by downloading an app like Speedtest Test debit internet.

Internet speed average in France is 8.9 Mbps (but this can go much faster in an urban area). If your iPad only has access to 1-4 Mbps, then that means that your connection speed is too slow, and that all of your running applications from the Wi-Fi will be also.

The solution ? Either bring you closer to the Wi-Fi router, is to change it.

To turn off notifications .


Search for and view notifications that can slow down your tablet. To disable this feature, go to Settings → Notifications, and for each app, disable notifications.

Turn off geolocation .


Geolocation can be handy when you use it with some applications such as Maps or Facebook (and still). However, it requires a lot of battery power and reduces the performance of your iPad.

To turn off geolocation, go to Settings → Privacy → location services.

Stop Spotlight .


Spotlight is handy for finding files on your Mac, but for this, the application must index each element of your iPad, so it can play on its speed.

To stop Spotlight, go to Settings → General → Spotlight Search, finally block the function for each application.

Reduce the animations .


If you have followed all our advice, but your iPad is not as responsive as you’d like, then we suggest that you enable “reduce motion”.

To do this, go to Settings → General → Accessibility → Reduce the animations.