How to make a search for inverted image on Google ?.


You have an image in front of you, and you can’t put a name to it ? You try a Google search with key words, to no avail.. Google Reverse Photo is here to help you.

Find an image through a search of the inverted image on your computer, your smartphone and your tablet.

1 – If you are using your computer, go on Google Reverse Picture from your internet browser.

Click on Upload Picture (upload image), and then choose an image stored on your PC.

Once the image is loaded, tap Show matches (post the results).

A page of Google Images opens with all the suggestions from the search engine.

2 – If you use your smartphone or tablet, the principle is the same. Go on Google Reverse image, press Upload Picture, and then click Documents.
Select an image, a photo or a screenshot saved in your phone.

From your mobile, you can also take a picture of the desired image. To do this, press the Camera instead of Documents. When you take your photo, try to capture as much detail as possible.

If there is no suggestion in the results of research, try to better frame your photo or to edit the cropping and repeat the operation.

In our example, we used a screen capture to identify a character from Asterix.