How to make a quiet PC ?.


The PCS can make a lot of noise for different reasons. Even if it is rare for it to become extremely hard, there are many ways to reduce this noise.
Before you change the settings and replace elements of its hardware, it is necessary to begin to treat the root cause of the problem.

In this tutorial, we explain to you different ways to make your PC more silent.

Cool your PC.

If the fans of your PC are noisy, it is probably because they are trying to protect the components from overheating.

To know their temperature, download the program Core Temp, it is free and will only take up very little space on your computer.

Before you launch this software, it is recommended to close programs the most energy-intensive (games, Photoshop, video editing software.).

According to the screenshot below, you can see that the temperature of the cores of the CPU are located between 37 and 46 degrees, which is an acceptable range.

On the other hand, if your CPU is idling at over 60 degrees, then you might have a cooling problem.

If you consider that your PC heats up too much, then we suggest you follow our tips. They will allow you to cool down your computer, less to solicit your fans, and make them more silent.

Tip # 1 : Dust off your fans as well as the enclosure of your computer.

Tip # 2 : If you use your PC in a hot room, then we recommend to slightly lower its temperature.

Tip # 3 : Make sure that the air inlet is unobstructed. In the case of a laptop, do not place on a carpet or carpeted floor, it could bring in the dust.

Reduce the noise of your PC.

If after you follow the 3 tips above, your computer is humming still as much then you can try one of the tips (or all of) suggested below.

Slow down the speed of your fan.

You’re convinced that your computer is working at a reasonable temperature ? Please be advised that through your BIOS, you can adjust the rotation speed of its fans by increasing the target temperature (target).

At rest, its temperature should not exceed 60°, and 85° when it needs to handle intensive programs.

Replace your fan.

If you are convinced that your fan is the one responsible for this snoring, then it may be necessary to replace it.

The fans Noctua and Be Quiet! are very powerful and extremely quiet. These two brands are the most respected in this field. Before choosing your model, make sure it has the proper size.

Replace your power supply.

Now, let’s get to the solutions more costly, the first is to replace your power supply. The latter is used to provide electrical current to the components, it is sometimes equipped with a fan.

Again, we recommend that you Be Quiet!, its blocks shine by their silence, if not there is Corsair.

Do not replace your power blindly, be sure that it provides the energy necessary to keep your system running efficiently. Its power should not be lower than your power supply current.

Replace the housing of your PC.

All computer cases are not equal, we suggest you opt for a model that will keep your components cool, so that the fans will not be too stressed and therefore less vrombissants.

Coolermaster and Corsair make excellent products that suit all budgets. There also, make sure that your configuration may hold in the case coveted.

Replace the fan of your processor.

The fan of your processor (vantirad) is the one who works the most. Most CPUS are equipped with a cooler, but in general it is not of high quality, and it is more noisy.

If yours is blowing too strong, then you might want to consider replacing it. Once again, we suggest you products from Be Quiet! and Noctua.

Please be aware that this replacement involves the use of an adhesive thermal, if you are not comfortable, we advise you to seek the assistance of a specialist.