How to lower your ping ?.


If you have problems of slowness when you are playing online, then it may be that your ping is too high. The ping (Packet Internet Groper) is a measure of the speed of your internet connection as well as the response time between a computer and a network the internet.

In this tutorial, we explain how to measure the ping and lower it in order to improve the fluidity of the gameplay.

What is the ping ?.

Many users think that an Internet connection is fast and responsive is only based on one good speed upload and download, but it is not a matter of it.

In fact, it is also necessary to take into account the ping, which is the response time between a PC and a server, the latter is expressed in milliseconds.

Many online games show you your ping, but also that of other players or servers. If yours is around 150 ms (or more), then you are experiencing almost certainly be difficulties to play online. Obviously, you want as short a timeframe as possible.

Measure the ping.

You can test the speed of your Internet connection thanks to the very popular free program Any ping less than 20 ms is considered optimal and if it exceeds 150 ms, it introduces a delay of response is important.

It doesn’t matter if your a PC gamer to be fast as a ping high will slow down the execution of the orders, which is a real inconvenience to parties in line.

Lower the ping .

Be aware that there are several techniques for lowering and to improve your ping. The first and easiest is to close all running programs and windows on your computer. Also, make sure that there are no active downloads in the background, they could affect the ping.

Also, it may be that another person in your house is running, at the same time, a program greedy in terms of bandwidth (streaming Netflix in 4K..). In fact, the more devices connected that are actively using the bandwidth, the higher your ping will be high.

If the ping does not drop still not, then try placing your laptop closer to your router or, better yet, connect directly to your router (via an Ethernet cable) or a plug CPL. This will allow you to enjoy better internet speed.

If the previous techniques do not allow to improve your ping, then we would suggest the purchase of a new router.

Otherwise, contact your Internet service provider, it will be able to detect and solve any problem related to your ping and your connection speed.