How to listen to music for free on Google Home ?.


To take full advantage of your pregnant Google Home it is necessary to subscribe to a streaming service, such as Google Play Music, YouTube, Music, Premium, Deezer or Spotify.

However, last year Google has begun to update its enclosure lighthouse in the rendering finally compatible with the Bluetooth.

In addition, since April 2019 Google Home takes free support the YouTube application Music, itself funded by advertising. Thus, this new formula gives you access to playlists with a specific genre, but without being able to escape ads. It is all the same a good compromise, especially for casual users.

Thanks to such updates, you can not only stream music on another speaker but also, and more importantly, do it free of charge from a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer paired.

In this tutorial we will explain how, in addition to go through the streaming service YouTube Music, listen to free music from your Google Home.

Listening to the music via YouTube Music on your Google Home.

Like we said earlier, thanks to the YouTube application Music it is now possible to listen to songs for free on your Google Home, then here’s how you do it :

If you are on Android, then simply open the application Google Home and once on the home page, go to Add, tap on Manage services and then click Music and Video. Finally select YouTube Music “Service free”.

If you’re on iOS, go to Google Home and go to your account at the bottom right (circle with a man inside), and then Music, and finally select YouTube Music “Service free”.

Note that its use is somewhat limited because you can’t choose specific titles, but only one kind.

Create a playlist in Google Play Music.

Google Play Music is a free application downloadable from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

However, without a subscription fee (from 9,99 €), Google Home does not offer the ability to listen to music directly from the application. To receive a free listening, the solution would be to play playlists already saved.

To configure a playlist, open the app and in the music library, locate a song that you want to add.

Tap on the three dots to the right and select Add to playlist. Then, go on New playlist, then name the. Finally, tap Create a playlist.

Caster your music on your Google Home.

Google Home is compatible with the Bluetooth as well as with the chromecast. So, if your phone, your tablet or your computer, which you can use this feature.

To do this, first make sure that your device and speaker Google Home are connected to the same WiFi network. Then, open your streaming app and then tap on the icon Cast, finally select your Google Home to start reading.

Listen to streaming radio on your Google Home.

Google Home allows you to stream continuous music from services online radio such as the RTL or NRJ. To activate it, simply say : “Ok Google, play [name of radio station]”.

Please do not hesitate to download the free app TuneIN (Android/iOS) for a wider choice of radio stations.