How to know the temperature of a processor ?.


The CPU is the brain of the computer, this is what allows it to work. To ensure that your data and information can be processed quickly then it is necessary to take care of it and ensure that it is not overheated.

Ideally, the temperature of a processor must be ambient. If the processor runs hot, then it might make it malfunction.

In general you should consider 60 degrees as the absolute maximum, during extended periods of use, but aim instead for the 45-50 degrees to be safe.

Most modern processors, including the Ryzen AMD, has a protective function that turns them off automatically if they overheat. This helps reduce the risk of deterioration.

How to check the temperature of your processor ?.

It is very simple to check the temperature of the CPU, you just need to download a software diagnostic free of charge, such as Piriform or SpeedFan.

Your PC will be analyzed and you will be able to control the temperature of your CPU, but also those of the enclosure or the hard drive.

How to bring down the temperature of your processor ?.

To lower the cpu temperature make sure that the fans are not blocked by dust (use a vacuum carefully to suck up dirt and debris).

We also recommend that you invest in a cooling pad for the computer.

If your CPU temperature does not go down then you may need to consider replacing your cooler especially if your PC is equipped with a heat sink (a component that allows to evacuate the heat of a semiconductor), and a cooling fan Intel standard.

Note that the price for a chiller may vary depending on the size, brand and power.