How to know if your PC is Bluetooth enabled ?.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to exchange, on a short-distance data between various electronic devices.

The mobile phones are equipped with for some time now (1999) and you will also find on most laptops, however, the fixed PC can be without it.

You want to ensure that your computer supports Bluetooth, then follow our tutorial.

Check if your computer is equipped with Bluetooth.

First of all, open your device Manager.
To do this, type in the search bar of Windows, device Manager, or go to the menu of your computer, in the settings, and control Panel.

If you have Windows 8, then simultaneously press and hold the Windows key and X.

If your PC has Bluetooth then a section called Bluetooth Radios (or Bluetooth) will be displayed. As a general rule, they are all in alphabetical order, so you should be able to find it at the end of the list.

In the contrary case, take a look at the network Adapters section, it may be that you see the Bluetooth feature, which confirms that your Windows 10 is so equipped.

If the Bluetooth option does not appear, then buy a Bluetooth USB dongle. Plug it in to your PC, you will be able to connect Bluetooth with other wireless devices.