How to install WhatsApp on an Android tablet and a PC ?.


WhatsApp is an instant messaging system intended to be used exclusively on a smartphone. However, it is possible to bypass this restriction and access the application from a computer or a tablet.

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If you already have an account WhatsApp .

When you are already a user of WhatsApp, the easiest way to access your messages from a tablet/PC is to use a third-party app WhatsApp Web.

The latter will sync with the mobile app and will allow you to send and receive WhatsApp messages.

Use WhatsApp on your tablet and your computer.

Launch your PC or tablet and go to WhatsApp Web. Now, grab your smartphone and open WhatsApp.
Press the 3 vertical dots, located in the top right and select, in the drop-down menu that opens, the option to WhatsApp Web.

You are prompted to scan the bar code (QR) with your phone, which is displayed on the screen of your tablet or your computer.

WhatsApp Web will automatically open and will remain active until you log out (three dots in the top left → disconnect).

Install WhatsApp on an Android tablet e computer.

To use WhatsApp on a tablet or a PC, you can install the application on the respective device by visiting this page.

Click the green flag you are offering the download and proceed to its installation. The procedure is exactly the same as the one explained previously.

Open WhatsApp on your phone, press the three dots top right and select the option WhatsApp Web. Scan the QR code and you’re up and running !