How to install Alexa on Windows 10 ?.


In the United States, in addition to being integrated with the connected speaker Amazon, Alexa and also in Windows 10. In contrast, in France, this is not the case. In fact, Microsoft does not offer Alexa, or Windows 10, or in its Microsoft Store.

However, fortunately, there is a trick that you can still install it on your PC. You will then be able to ask him all the questions you want, check your calendar, set your alarms, know everything about the news or the weather, create to-do lists and more.

Then, follow our tutorial to learn how to install Alexa on Windows 10 in just 7 steps.

Install Alexa on Windows 10.

Although France is not yet eligible for the automatic integration of Alexa on Windows, there is a way to work around this restriction. Here’s how you do it :

Go into your Windows Settings 10 .
Select Time and language .
Click on Region .
Under Country and Region, choose Us .
Open the Microsoft Store on your PC.
Type Alexa in the search bar.
Select the application in the results and click on Download