How to install a VPN on your Smart TV ?.


VPN services are designed to provide you with a virtual location, protect your privacy and ensure your safety on the Internet. By replacing your IP address, it also allows you to access foreign content and usually blocked by the servers.

While it is common to configure a VPN on smartphones or computers, that is it TV ? It is true that we tend to forget about the apps available on many Smart TV.

Its installation process is mostly the same for all models of TV, the only criterion that will make the difference is his seniority.

In fact, some tvs do not offer App Store, and have just pre-installed applications.

Fortunately, to compensate for this, there are compatible devices, like the Fire Stick TV Amazon.

In this tutorial you explained the steps to follow to install a VPN on your TV.

Install a VPN on your Smart TV.

As mentioned earlier, to configure a virtual private network on your TV, make sure, in a first time, have access to the Google Play Store. If this is the case, then :

On your TV, go to the main menu.
Select Google Play Store.
In the search bar, type VPN.
Your choice may be limited, but with a bit of luck, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, VyprVPN or CyberGhost you will be offered. .
Select the VPN you want to. .
Click Install and then click Download.


Once the installation is complete, the application should appear with the other shortcuts on the screen of your tv.

When you start the service, you are asked to connect to it. To create an account, we recommend that you do it from your phone or computer.

After you have registered :

On your TV, go to the VPN app by entering your e-mail address and your password. .
Select the option to Choose a server.
Choose a country to which you connect.


Now, the Internet connection of your tv will be routed through a VPN server.

Because of this, the access to foreign content, such as Netflix US, you will be denied.

Install a VPN on your tv via a TV Stick .

If you can’t install a VPN app on your tv, then look for a media player, you can plug it directly into one of its HDMI inputs.

The Fire TV Stick from Amazon, and the Chromecast of Google, for example, are respectively 39,99 € and 39 €, and they both offer a nice selection of VPN.

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