How to import contacts from an iPhone to another iPhone ?.


In 2011, Apple launched its own storage service, cloud-based, the iCloud. The latter allows users to back up free of charge 5 Gb of data (videos, music, photos, contacts,..) and transferring them from one iOS device to another.

Note that if a space of 5 Gb is not enough, Apple offers a subscription to their service (0,99 €/month for 50 Gb, 2,99 €/month for 200 Gb and $ 9.99/month for 2 Tb).

iCloud is not your tool of choice ? You can also transfer your contacts using iTunes or a third-party application AnyTrans.

Import your contacts with iCloud to an iPhone that is not configured .


Do you have an iPhone brand new, which is not yet configured, in which you want to transfer all the contacts stored to your old iPhone ? Here’s how to proceed.

On your old iPhone, connect to the Wi‑Fi network and your iCloud account. Verify that sync contacts is enabled.

In Settings, select your user account and tap on iCloud.

Make sure that the options Contacts and iCloud Backup (at the bottom of the list) are activated. Then, tap on iCloud Backup, then tap Back up now.

Now, you will set up your new iPhone. Turn the phone on and when the restore options are displayed, select Restore from iCloud backup and choose the most recent backup.

The duration of the process depends on the amount of data to retrieve and the power of your Wi‑Fi signal.

Your iPhone restarts and contains all of your data and your contacts.

Import your contacts with iCloud on an iPhone that is already configured .


If you have already set up your new iPhone and you want to transfer your contacts with your account iCould, follow the steps below :

On the old iPhone, connect to the Wi-Fi and turn on iCloud (Settings [your account] iCloud).

On the new iPhone, go to Settings [your Apple] iCloud, select Contacts.

When you are prompted to Merge or Cancel, select Merge.

All the data stored in the Contacts application will thus be loaded into your iCloud account and accessible from your new iPhone.

Once your contacts have been synchronized, it is advisable to save them, tap on iCloud Backup, and then click OK.

Walk-in application Phone, you will see that all your contacts have been exported.

Import your contacts with iTunes .


You do not have iCloud backup ? Be aware that iTunes also lets you import your contacts.

Before you begin, check in iTunes that your next backups will be performed on your Mac. To do this, connect your old iPhone, and select its iconat the top of the menu to the left. Click Summary, then, in Backups, select This computer.

Go in the menu to the left and click on Info to make sure that Synchronize contacts is enabled. On your old iPhone, press Sync , and disconnect.

Connect your new iPhone to your Mac and in the section Info, check the boxes to Sync contacts and All contacts. In this same window, scroll down and under to Replace the information of this iPhone, check Contacts.

Go to the tab Summary (left menu), and then click Backup now. The new iPhone will restart automatically.

Follow the instructions that appear on the screen of your iPhone.

Back on iTunes, click Synchronize, and then click Apply so that all the contacts are exported to your iPhone.

Import your contacts with AnyTrans .


If the preceding techniques have not borne fruit, you can try the application AnyTrans (47,99 €).

This is a very good management tool for iOS devices, with which it is possible to easily import contacts from one iPhone to another.

Launch AnyTrans on your Mac and connect your two iPhone. Choose your old device, and click on Contacts.

Then, select the numbers to transfer to your new iPhone (simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl and A on your PC, and the keys on Cmd and Has if you have a Mac.)

Click on the option Content to the device and your new iPhone. The transfer is instant.

Your old iPhone no longer works, you have lost your contacts .


Your old one is not working properly or you have inadvertently deleted your contacts ?

If iCloud backup was enabled on your iPhone then all your contacts are automatically saved and synchronized. There, you will follow the techniques developed above (iCloud or iTunes).

If you had made any backup nor iCloud or iTunes, then you can retrieve your contacts through programs such as Phone Rescue, dr.fone or Tenorshare.

Download one of them, and plug in your iPhone to be damaged, if it is recognized by the software then your data is going to be able to be recovered.