How to hide messages on your iPhone ?.


If you are planning a surprise birthday, plan a vacation, or you simply do not want a loved one to fall in your conversations, be aware that it is possible to hide your received messages on your iPhone.

It is easy to lock your iPhone with a password to avoid that someone is accessing, but what is it to hide your messages ?

Here are 4 tips to not display the content of your sms and lock.

To hide the notifications of new messages on your iPhone.

Our first tip is to hide the alerts for your new messages, go to Settings Notifications MessagesDisplay previews.

By default, this parameter is set to on If unlocked, change it by selecting Never. Thus, the alert will remain private even if your iPhone is not locked.

You will always receive a notification, but it will say “iMessage” instead of the content of the message.

No longer receive SMS notifications on your iPhone.

To no longer receive notifications on your iPhone message, go to Settings Notifications Messages and turn off the option to Allow notifications.

Now, as soon as a message is received, you will no longer alert, and the red will no longer appear on the icon.

The disadvantage of this method is that it prevents you from receiving alerts for every new message.

Stop notifications from a single person.

Instead of stopping the notification of any new message, please note that it is also possible to stop notifications of a single person or a single conversation together.

To do this, go to Settings Notifications Messages. Select Allow notifications (if you had disabled in the previous step).

Open your messages and choose the conversation that you want to hide. Tap on (i) in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select Hide alerts.

Hide messages of a particular person.

There is another trick to hide messages of a particular person, but it implies that you will need to remove your contacts.

Once your contact deleted, go to SettingsMessagesFilter unknown senders.

This manipulation allows for the disabling of notifications when you receive a message from a person that you don’t have in your contacts. She will appear in a separate list of unknown senders .