How to have a badge a Super Fan of Facebook ?.


If you attend regularly pages and groups Facebook is very popular and followed, then you have most likely noticed a small diamond or star with the caption Super-Fan. This means that the authors of these comments have earned the status of Super Fans.

In this article, we explain to you what is the badge a Super Fan, and how to get it.

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What is the badge a Super Fan of Facebook ?.

Announced in late 2018, but only available since the beginning of 2019, the badge being a Super Fan (Top Fan in English) is a new feature that rewards subscribers for a page or a group that interact assiduously.

How to obtain a badge a Super Fan of Facebook ?.

To be awarded the badge of being a Super Fan, the answer is simple : be very active on a page or a group. This includes watching the videos posted, like and share the posts, and of course comment.

However, there are some conditions to respect. In fact, the page or the group in question shall account for more than 10 000 subscribers, which will no doubt be many pages that you follow. In addition, the designer must turn the feature on badge Facebook.

Administrators can see who are the best fans by going to their page and clicking on the option Community, in the left column. Appears at the top of the screen the option Super fans, in which lies the list of the happy elected.

To activate a badge, being a Super fan.

To be able to assign badges Super fans, you will need to complete the steps below.

First of all, you need to pass the page in the video template for Pages. To do this, log in to Facebook from a computer, go to your page, click on Settings → Edit Page (to the left) → Templates → Edit. Finally, select the model of the video.

Finally, Facebook wants to make sure that your page or group meets the following conditions :

has more than 10 000 subscribers.
has been created for at least 28 days.
do not use badge of civic engagement.

Once all this is validated, the last step is to go to your page, select Settings, and then in the left column, click on the badges in Facebook and finalized with the activation of the badges. The process will be the same for the disable.