How to get free shipping on Amazon ?.


Christmas and Black Friday are coming soon, you want to make a few purchases on Amazon, without paying shipping costs ? Two options are available to you. You can either subscribe to Amazon Prime and receive one month of free shipping (before you unsubscribe), or fill your basket for it to reach 25 €.

Subscription and unsubscription to Amazon Prime .

To secure the loyalty of its customers, Amazon has created the subscription Premium, formerly Amazon Premium. Through it, you can be delivered free of charge and this regardless of the amount of your order.

Premium is a paid service but when you sign up, you get 30 days free trial. Therefore, it is possible to pass all your orders for Christmas, the delivery costs are added. Then, you can decide to cancel your Prime membership at 29th day.

Be aware that even if you had already received the free month in the past, you can do it again, but only after a year !
Otherwise, you can sign in with an e-mail address and payment details, or use the Premium account of a loved one.

If you do not cancel your subscription after the month trial period, Premium will cost you 49 €/year or 5,99 €/month. In exchange, you will have access to Amazon Prime Video, to the delivery in a day for free, Twitch Prime, unlimited storage of photos on a Cloud and borrowing a eBook per month.

To subscribe to Premium, simply click on Test Premium in the menu bar of the site.

To cancel your Amazon account, Premium, log in to your customer Account, then in Settings Amazon Prime. Click on End membership, and finally confirm your choice.

Have the free shipping without Amazon Prime.

If you use Amazon to order only books, the good news is that the delivery costs are limited to 0.01 € per order. For the rest, the total amount of your cart must reach € 25 at the minimum.

So, if you are close to the minimum amount, we recommend that you take a look at the shop at least 5 euros.

The articles are organized by category (computer, school supplies, games ..) and you can make them appear by rising prices.

You can, for example, find pens, notebooks, USB cables for a few cents, enough to pass the bar 25 €, while purchasing helpful products.