How to force the start of a Nintendo Switch ?.


Since its launch in 2017, the Switch knows a big success and sells like hotcakes. It is a game console complete which you can carry everywhere, which makes its strength.

However, it may encounter some problems or have some manufacturing defects. As with any technology, the Nintendo Switch is likely to have occasional outages, leaving it unusable for a period of time.

So, what if your console hybrid won’t turn on anymore ? The trick the most common is to force his start-up, beware this is not without risk. In this tutorial, we will explain step by step how to proceed, the risks involved and the alternative solutions considered in the event of failure of the first.

The risks of a forced restart on a Nintendo Switch .

Before explaining the steps to follow, we would like to start by mentioning the associated risks because this process can have consequences on your device.

To be forced to a start-up can alter all of your data, your backups, but not only, those of the system also.

If you’re in a party of Mario, for example, and that the console has crashed (not only the game), then interrupting the process may make all the previous records cannot be retrieved.

It could also corrupt the whole operating system of your device. If this case happens, there is nothing that you can do yourself, it is contact the technical service and request a full reset.

Unfortunately, Nintendo does not offer any possibility to retain your backup settings, either via the cloud or on his console.

Your Switch could, in the worst case (although this is rare) display a blue screen. In which case, you will be compelled to replace your console.

What to do when the Switch is not responding ? .

The boot of the Nintendo is the option that is more radical, it should be considered as a last resort. Prior to this, there are other solutions that you should consider without running the risk of damaging your operating system and your backed-up data.

Check the JoyCons and the game cartridge.

It happens that the JoyCons get out of sync with the console, so be sure to check if they are securely in place.

It may also be that the picture freezes because of residue of dust or dirt that obstruct your game cartridge, then as in the days of the GameBoy, blow it out with air or use a paper towel to clean it.

Place the console on the dock.

When your Nintendo is no longer responding remember to put it back in its cradle. The docking and undocking of your console always causes a brief interruption of the system, hardly noticeable.

If it remains frozen, then you go to the tip next repair or at his boot.

Home button.

Once again, if that is your game has blocked, and not the Switch itself then there is another option to set out of this situation.

For a start, when the game is not responding, press the button ofHome.

If it redirects you to the main menu, then the problem is with the game.

In this case, press the symbol + and select the game to close it. If this works, then you can open it again and resume your session at the time of its last backup.

Force reboot of a Nintendo Switch.

Now that you know the risks that a reset includes and your console, Nintendo has planted, then you can try forcing a reboot

It is a very simple operation to perform, and which should not last more than 20 seconds.

Press the Power button at the top of the console and hold for 15 seconds.

Once this time has elapsed, the screen will turn off and restart itself displaying the logo of the brand, will follow the usual procedure to launch.

Your Nintendo Switch should now start properly, and set out again of more beautiful !