How to fix internet connection problems on an iPhone ?.


Your iPhone can no longer connect to the wireless network (Wi‑Fi and cellular) ? It never ceases to display the message “no service”, “search” or “network unavailable” ? In this article, you will find valuable advice on how to repair an internet connection on an iPhone.

Target the fault.

The first step is to identify the source of the fault and isolate it.

First of all, make sure that your iPhone really can’t connect to the internet.

Try to do cela in several ways : refresh the application Mail and see if you have received new emails, open Twitter and new web pages, browse the App Store..

If a particular app refuses to connect, while all the others do, this means that this application does not function properly and not your network.

We recommend that you exit and re-start it. Also check to see if an update is available.

Safari no longer works .

If Safari takes you to the hard life, then we suggest you erase your search history as well as cookies.

SettingsSafariClear history, site data, and then confirm by pressing Delete.

1 – Check for updates to iOS.

When an app no longer works correctly, it is advisable to check if there is not an update. This method allows the repair of bugs.

To do this, go to SettingsGeneralsoftware update.

If you want a new version of the app in question then you will need to put your iOS up to date.

2- Close Safari and all apps are failing .

To close Safari or any other app, double-tap on the Home button of your iPhone. Finally, slide up the window of the application .

3 – Reboot your iPhone.

Rebooting your iPhone may also help you repair an app that misbehaves. To do this, press and hold the button to Walk, until Off appears in the display.

Drag the cursor, and then after a minute or two, turn on your phone again.

Wi-Fi or 3G/4G ?.

Your iPhone still do not have access to the internet, this can come from the Wi-Fi is your connection by 3G/4G.

In the top left of your iPhone screen, next to the name of your mobile operator, you will see the strength of the Wi-Fi signal (three lines forming a icon).

If it does not appear, then you are not logged in.

If your iOS connects to the internet while the Wi-Fi icon is not visible, then it will be displayed 3G or 4G.

You aren’t in the acronym Wi-Fi or 3G/4G noted, then continue reading this article.

The 3G/4G does not work.

Here are 8 little tips to repair your connection via data.

1 – Enable cellular data.

We recommend that you check if your data are enabled. Go to Settings cellular Data.

2 – Data roaming .

You are on a trip abroad ? Don’t forget to activate the roaming data on your iPhone. Appointment in Settings cellular Data Options, and then tap Data roaming.

3 – Limitation of the data .

If you are unable to connect to 3G/4G it may be that you have exhausted your package.

Remember that their renewal is not necessarily at the beginning or end of the month, but the day you started your contract.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to make a follow-up of consumption of internet data. Go to Settings cellular Data current Period (under the section cellular Data) and each month reset the statistics.

If you want to monitor very closely your data, be aware that you can install the application Data Use (0,49 €, in English only). This last requires you to enter the quota of data included in your plan so that it calculates the daily consumption to be observed.

4 – Restart your iPhone.

Press and hold the power button (on the right side) until the option to power off appears.

Let spend a minute or two, then keep pressed again the power button until the Apple icon appears and the iPhone reboots.

5 – Check your SIM card.

Remove your SIM card, then reinsert it. It is possible that this would solve the problem.

If the SIM card is damaged, it is best to contact your operator.

6 – Settings of the operator.

Now, verify that the settings for your operator are up to date. What is annoying is that you need an internet connection and just your iOS has difficulties to connect to it.

However, it is highly likely that you have received the update settings before your phone is out of line.

Appointment in SettingsGeneralInformationand then install the update that is available by selecting the option provided for this purpose.

To know the version of the settings of the operator that are installed on your device, go to SettingsGeneralInformation and look to the Operator.

7 – iOS updates.

To ensure that your iPhone is up to date, follow the path SettingsGeneralsoftware update. If a new version of iOS available for your device, you can then download it to your smartphone.

8 – Contact the operator .

If, despite the previous techniques, you have no internet connection then contact your operator. It is possible that your account has a problem.

It may also be that this affects the entire network and that other customers were experiencing the same difficulties.

The Wi-Fi does not work.

To check the Wi-Fi connection of your iPhone, it will be necessary to proceed in a manner almost identical to that previously explained.

Start by going in to Settings Wi‑Fi. Then, make sure this option is turned on and that your iOS is connected to.

To verify that everything works correctly, you connect from another device and open the web page.

If this does not work then the problem is at the network level, and not at the level of the phone. Therefore, you should check the router settings or call your isp.

You still can’t connect ?

We advise you to forget the network, restart your iOS (Settings[your network] Forget this network) and join again the network.

Other solutions.

If absolutely nothing has market, it will have to restore your iPhone with iTunes.

And, if even after this, your iPhone won’t pick up the internet, make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple.