How to fix a PC that will not start ?.


Before attempting any repair, it is important to identify the cause of the malfunction of your PC.
If you think that it is much more than a simple failure, ask the advice of a computer expert.

Check the operation of your charger and battery.


The battery and the charger are often the elements that are suspected.

So, the first thing to do would be to remove your battery and plug your computer on ac power.

If, in this case your computer works then your battery is probably at the origin of this problem. So you need to replace it.

For this, we recommend you to visit the official website of the manufacturer, or seek advice from a technician.

Also, check the state of the power supply connector. Indeed, the frequent travel with the charger can cause damage to its ends.

The protective sheath can undress and expose the wires located inside it, this means that it hold more.

This can cause an electrical problem and damage the motherboard.

Computers fixed.

If your computer shuts down unexpectedly or does not start, then the LED is lit, it may be that the power button no longer works. The verification is done on the motherboard, to avoid worsen the state of your PC, it is better to refer to an expert.

Check the operation of your screen.


If you think that your failure comes from the screen, begin by disconnecting any external monitor, projector for example, connect to your computer.

If the display light is turned on, the hard drive or fan is noisy and no image is visible, then try to turn off all the lights surrounding, and look to see if there is a veil of light on your screen.

If this is the case, then it is most likely that theinverter and LCD (part that feeds the screens brightness) of your screen is not working properly.

The brightness is thus reduced, and the screen may be completely black.

It is possible to replace it, but it is a very delicate operation.

Also, if it is a laptop old enough, it may be better to buy a new one.

To help you make the right choice, take a look at our two guides on buying laptops : laptop Computers cheap and Best laptops.

Computers fixed.

There is not much to do to repair the screen of a desktop PC.

The best would be to replace it or replace the video cable.

Eject the USB key or any removable calibration memory.

A USB flash drive or any device, removable memory remained connected, or CD/DVD inserted into your computer are also to be taken into consideration.

In most cases an error message such as “Operating system not found” appears in the display. This means that the BIOS tries to boot from the removable drive instead of the internal hard drive.

Use a recovery disk.

If you have any error messages and the problem seems not to come, or cards or removable disks, or external drives, then it is necessary to consider the use of a recovery disk.

If you have your recovery DVD Windows, use-the.

Alternatively, you can download (from another computer that is running on the same system) a recovery image and burn it on a CD or DVD, or copy it on a USB key.

It will then be possible to start your computer with the DVD or the USB key, and correct this malfunction with Windows.

If a virus is the cause of this problem of ignition. You can copy the ISO image of the antivirus on a USB key, then launch the antivirus software on your computer from it. Thus, you can scan your computer and remove all malware, without having to connect to the network.

Start in safe mode.

If you cannot start your Windows, try safe mode.

Thanks to the safe mode, you can undo all your recent changes, such as adding/deleting programs, or to repair/delete one of your Windows accounts (if you have more than one) infected with a virus. These recent changes could prevent your PC from booting normally

If you opt for this solution, be aware that you will need a CD/DVD recovery Windows.

Implementation :

For a Windows system prior to version 8, you must press the F8 key during startup of your computer. Then, select the safe mode.

If during the execution of the safe mode, a repair option is available, run that.

For PCS running under Windows 8 or 10, follow these 4 steps :

From the Start menu, go to Settings. In the bottom right, click on update and security.

In the list on the left, select Recovery.

Under advanced Startup, click Restart now.

When you restart your computer, 3 options will be displayed.

Select Troubleshooting.


Then, 2 options are available : choose advanced Options. Then, choose Settings, and finally Enable safe mode.

If this technique does not work, our detailed tutorial can maybe help you.

A hardware that is incompatible or faulty.

If you had installed the RAM or another component, the source of the malfunction may be there.

To have the heart net, follow their uninstall, and reinstall what was removed.

Then, restart your computer.

Also, we recommend that you also remove all hardware not needed to boot your PC : hard drive, drive optical disk, or any other components of this type.

You do need to keep that to the bare minimum needed to boot BIOS.

Here’s a list :

The motherboard

The cpu (with fansink)

The graphics card

The module of RAM to the original (remove those recently added)

The power jack

The screen (monitor)


Note that, sometimes, if a PC does not start is that the components are incorrectly connected to the motherboard, and/or that the hardware is faulty.

Also, if you hear a click which has no place to be, hear the hard drive spinning (which is normally silent), or if your computer shuts down abruptly without stopping, then there is no doubt it is beautiful and so damaged.

If you think that a check push or a repair is necessary, then it is best to seek the assistance of a computer technician.

Our main advice would be to make regular backups of your most important documents on an external hard drive.

It’s always good to prevent than to cure !