How to find your AirPods lost ?.


Since their launch in 2016, the headphones 100 % wireless AirPods are so successful with iOS users they have become essential.
Design wireless is their strength but also their weakness since they are very easy to lose.

If you have lost your AirPods, three solutions are available : find them with your iPhone via find my iPhone, ask for their replacement (67,12 € minimum in counting the shipping costs) or buy new ones (from 179 €).

To learn how to use the locate function and return the hand on your AirPods or the case is charging, then follow this tutorial.

Find your AirPods lost with find my iPhone.

Since the update to iOS 10.3, Apple has integrated the AirPods in its native application find my iPhone. With this feature, you will be able to find your AirPods lost.

If, previously, you had configured this function, then it will allow you to efficiently locate your iOS devices in case of loss or vol

In the case where you did not think, do not repeat the same mistake and go to Settings → Apple id, iCloud, the iTunes Store by tapping on your name → iCloud → find my iPhone.

To find your AirPods from an iPhone or iPad, go into find my iPhone and select your AirPods in the list.

If you’re on a Mac, go to enter your Apple id and open Find. Once on the app, click on All devices and then click AirPods.

The position of the headphones will be indicated in real time on a map, provided that they are not too remote from your iOS/MacOS.

Once you’ve identified their location (close to you and connected to the Bluetooth), it in find my iPhone, tap Actions, and then click ring. Your AirPods will then emit an audible signal so you can find them more easily.

On the other hand, if they are out of range or unloaded, you will only have access to their last position and time of connection is recorded.

If you have not lost a single AirPod, be aware that the application allows you to mute the sound of the one you have in your possession. To do this, tap on Mute left or Mute right, depending on the listener.

If you are unable to locate them, then contact Apple and request a replacement of your headphones.

How do I find the housing of your AirPods ?.

The charging case is indispensable to recharge your AirPods, but also to the pair. If you are no longer in his possession, then your headset will be unusable once the battery is flat.

In the event of a loss of your case, there is only one solution, the same as that for the AirPods, the find my iPhone app.

However, this function will do you no good if your AirPods are not on the inside. You’ll have no other solution to contact Apple or go to your local Apple Store to ask for a case replacement.