How to find its code Wifi ?.


Nowadays, the Wi-Fi networks are more secure. Sometimes, it would be that they are not, especially when it has itself lost its password.

In this tutorial, we explain how to connect to a Wi-Fi network protected with the Windows command line.

Find a password for Wi‑Fi.

If you want to find the WiFi password of a network you will need a lot of patience and good computer skills.

Even with these qualities, the result is not guaranteed, especially if an antivirus program, a firewall or a data encryption protects the network.

Warning : we wish to clarify that any introduction into a computer system that is not yours is illegal and is punishable by French law.

Also, when you are looking for a software to have access to a Wi-Fi network, be very careful, as many contain viruses and cookies.

We therefore recommend that you not download any of these programs.

If you decide to ignore our warnings, you will probably be using GNU/Linux from a USB key, not to damage your PC, and the program Aircrack-ng. We accept the fact that you are an expert on the command line.

Access to a Wi-Fi network without the password.

On Windows.

To regain access to a wireless network, use a laptop (or a tablet) that is already connected to the desired network but who has not memorized the code Wifi.

Go to the Start Menu, open the command Prompt by typing cmd. When the search result appears, right-click on command Prompt and select Run as administrator.

Type netsh wlan show profile, respecting the spaces. A list of all the wireless networks that you have connected to, at least once, is displayed.

Now, type netsh wlan show profiles, and validate with Enter.

Then, when you have identified your desired network, enter the line again netsh wlan show profiles and add the exact name of the network monitoring of key=clear. Confirm avecEntrée.

Your command should look something like : netsh wlan show profile name=”network_name” key=clear.

Under the section security Settings, Contents of the key, you will see the password of Wifi listed. Copy/paste and connect to the wireless network.

On a Mac.

On a Mac, open the Terminal and enter security find-generic-password-wa and add the name of the network.

Please remember to respect the space between the word “password”, and the hyphen that follows.

The code Wifi appears in your command line.

Reset a router.

If you have physical access to the router, you should be able to find the SSID and the password by default, both are written on a label often glued to the back of the router. If the Wifi key has been changed, you will have to reset your device to factory settings.

If there is no label, please visit the site RouterPasswords, and select the brand of your router and start the search.

Please be aware that this technique does not work for all routers, especially the ISP, since their Wifi password is unique.