How to encrypt e-mails ?.


An email unencrypted is like a postcard, it can be read by anyone who has access to it, and when it comes to personal or confidential data, it is always better to know how to hide them.

In this tutorial, we will give you 3 simple techniques to send an encrypted message from your email inbox.

Please be aware that most instant messaging services including Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, iMessage (for Apple products ‘ users), offer them as an option for encryption.

How to send e-mails encrypted with Gmail and Outlook ?.

Many use the mail boxes like Gmail or Outlook because they are free, fast, and they can be accessed from all of our devices.

Encrypt a email on Gmail.

In 2014, Gmail had announced that encryption will be a default setting for all its users. Which means that if you send out your emails from this service via the Chrome browser, then they will be automatically encrypted. However, this will only work if your recipient also uses Gmail, or else you will not be able to decrypt it.

To encrypt an email in Outlook.

For those who have a paid subscription to Office 365, it is not surprising to find features in Outlook to encrypt your emails, and Email to Windows 10.

The first thing to do is to exchange a digital signature with your recipient, this will allow you, to both of you, to secure and decrypt your messages.

If, before sending your email, the option to Insert an electronic signature is not displayed, then follow the path : Options Other optionsmessage Optionssecurity SettingsEncrypt contents and attachments of messages.

How to encrypt an email if you do not use Gmail or Outlook ?.

There are several alternatives to Gmail and Outlook, for example, we can refer you to Tutanota or Protonmail. They are also free but they limit you on the volume of your messages and their quantity.

The secure services require that the recipient be a member of the platform, or that it has the password that you have given to unlock each e-mail.

This is a level of security necessary, and very effective against hackers.

Otherwise, proceed by the software Mega, in its free package, you will have a feature of chat secure.

How to send messages that disappear automatically??.

To not have to encrypt your emails, you can use a program like Snapmail, it will delete your messages right after reading them.

If you use Gmail, you just need to download the Chrome extension Snapmail.

To send an e-mail encrypted with Snapmail, compose your message, and click on the icon Snapmail (bottom right) to send it.

Thanks to this extension, you can choose to encrypt some emails instead of all of them. However, do not forget that each email sent by Snapmail will automatically be deleted 60 seconds after its opening.