How to enable the Wi-Fi in Windows 10 ?.


You want to connect your PC to a Wi‑Fi network ? No need to go further, you have stumbled upon the right tutorial.

Enable and disable the Wi-Fi.

To enable and disable the Wi-Fi on your computer (desktop and laptop), you just have to click on the icon corresponding to the connection Wi-Fi, located in the bottom right, select the network of your choice and click on Connect.

To stop the Wi-Fi, click again on its icon and then on the Disconnect option.

If the Wi-Fi icon is not displayed.

If the Wi‑Fi icon does not appear in the task bar, then it means that the Wi‑Fi adapter (USB) is disabled.

Make sure that your computer is not connected to the network with an Ethernet cable, if this is the case, then unplug the.

To reset the Wi‑Fi route, go to the Start Menu and select settings. Then, click on Network and Internet.

In the left menu, click remote Access, and then click Change options for the adapter.

Now, right-click on Wi-Fi and from the options, select Enable.