How to enable the parental control on YouTube ?.


As the main platform for online video, YouTube is the place most frequented by young people who want to keep abreast of the latest trends. However, how can you ensure that the content they are watching is age-appropriate ? We show you how to configure the parental control settings built-in.

If you care about the content they can find online, then there are the free software (and charge) Qustodio dedicated to the parental control. It allows you to define filters that are adapted to the age of your children, to block certain programs, games, sites, create a calendar to define the time spent on their devices. It is also possible to establish a curfew so that your protégé does not remain hours on Netflix.

Have you tried YouTube Kids ?.

Depending on the age of your child, the application YouTube Kids for iOS and Android could be your best alternative to the full site because its content is intended for an audience of very young (preschool).

However, there may be some inappropriate videos manage to make their way on Youtube Kids, Google is often diligence to locate and remove them.

To avoid surprises, we recommend that you supervise your toddler even if it uses YouTube Kids.

Use parental controls on YouTube.

The main way to filter YouTube videos is to go through the function restricted Mode.
Google explains this mode : “This mode allows you to hide the contents may be reserved to a public warned . No filter is 100% reliable. This parameter applies only to this browser.”

To activate the restricted Mode, follow these steps :

Open a Web browser and navigate on YouTube.
Sign in with your Youtube account and click on its icon in the upper right corner.

In the drop-down menu that appears, scroll to the bottom, you will then see the restricted Mode.

Click it, and then in the window that appears, enable the option.

Note that it is only active on the browser in use. So, if you want another device for your child to be safe, you must repeat these steps for each browser used.

Activation of the restricted Mode on mobile devices.

If your child is watching YouTube from his tablet or smartphone, you will need to make some changes to the settings of the YouTube app.

Here’s how you do it :

Open YouTube.
Tap the icon of the account in the top right corner.
Select Settings.
Tap on general Settings.
In the list, select restricted Mode.


Now, let’s hope that your children will be shielded from sensitive content that Youtube can host.
Of course, there is no guarantee, so make sure you limit the time your children spend on the platform and to stay not far away from them. This way, you will be able to prevent any unwanted program that filters can be omitted.

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